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Whatever you may call her, Charlotte Letitia Crosby or Charlotte Crosby, the reality television personality of English origin is residing in the hearts of millions of fan. Crosby is gained recognition for her performances in the MTV UK’s popular reality TV program Geordie Shore. Apparently, she is one of the founding members of that popular reality television series in the United Kingdom which is now in its 12th season. Charlotte Crosby is a celebrated TV personality and the huge fame that she enjoys is due to her honest and practical approach towards her life. Her humongous fan base was confirmed when she participated in Channel 5’s highly hit reality show Big Brother and also managed to win it back in 2013.

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Personal Life:

Born on May 16, 1990, in Sunderland of United Kingdom, Crosby’s star had something glamorous planned for her. The 26-year-old reality star has not always enjoyed the fame like she does now but she came into the spotlight with her participation in the reality TV series Geordie Shore back in 2011. She solidified herself in the hearts of English populace with her participation in the 12th season of Channel 5’s record-breaking reality show Big Brother. Eventually her fate supported her and went ahead to win the 12th season which had a positive impact on her career. Now a fully-fledged reality star, Crosby has her own online clothing store and an all new show on TLC. She also makes appearances on several television talk shows and hosts award ceremonies.

Crosby has always been in the news for her relationships. While filming for her reality show Geordie Shore, she got linked with to her co-star on the show Gary Beadle romantically. Between the time span of 2012 to mid-2014, Charlotte was in a serious relationship with Mitchell Jenkins. They again patched up and romanced each other from January to August of the year 2015. She also happened to date Max Morley, the winner of reality show Love Island during late 2015.

However, Charlotte and Beadle again started seeing each other outside their working schedule in the reality show Geordie Shore during December 2015 to April 2016. But unfortunately, their relationship came to an end as it took an ugly turn when Crosby found out that Gary has been cheating on her during her time filming the Ex on the beach in Thailand and it officially ended their relationship. Crosby has also taken the matter to Twitter, expressing her rage against her ex-boyfriend.

But fate was not always with her. The reality queen was also diagnosed with the ectopic pregnancy in early 2016. She had to undergo a life-saving surgery in the St. John and Elizabeth hospital in London which led to the removal of one of her fallopian tubes. But Crosby as practical as she was, always came back strong more than ever and she is now having the best time of her life.


After winning the 12th season of reality TV show Big Brother, there was no stopping for Crosby. She was living the dream time of her life. Being adored by most of the people in the United Kingdom, she soon gained a proper celebrity status.

With time she gained over 3.06 million followers on Twitter and millions of other followers on Facebook, Instagram and famous social media fun app Snapchat.

Crosby have been the favourite of millions ever since her journey started. This young celebrity has also started her own clothing line and has appeared in several shows post her Big Brother success. Now the high-esteem reality star, Crosby has her own show called “The Charlotte Crosby Experience”. It is an all new TLC show for which Crosby leaves her comfort zone to seek adventure in the hearts of Japan, India and Canada. When she was asked how she feels about her new show in TLC, this is what she had to say “I am bursting with excitement about my new show with TLC. I literally want to run around shouting about it from the rooftops! When they told me about going to my first destination Japan, I screamed “OMG!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE I’M GOING TO CHINA!!!!

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Besides she has also appeared in a number of TV shows like ITV’s This Morning, which is regarded as one of the most of most watched morning shows in the television history of United Kingdom. This 26-year-old successful woman also hosted the Radio 1’s “Teen Awards”. Crosby is also a regular cast member of the X Factor’s spin-off discussion show The Extra Factor.

With her growing popularity, Crosby has also released her fitness DVDs as well as books and all of them have been the best sellers. The DVDs that Charlotte has released like “Dirty Dancing’s Official workout”, has remained at the top of the sports and fitness DVD charts since its release. In April 2016, she released her first book titled Live Fast, Lose Weight: Fat to Fit which contains tips and 80 health recipes to get a fit body.

Social Media Presence:

The popularity of Charlotte Crosby is well reflected on her social media accounts. Crosby keeps her connected to the worldwide fans. She is hailed as one of the favoured social media personalities in the UK with millions of followers in all the top social media platforms.

Charlotte Crosby has her own verified accounts on all the top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. She has over 3.06 million followers on Twitter and 5.5 million followers on Instagram, whom she always keeps updated with constant updates from her end.

Even Charlotte could not stop herself from joining the fun social media application Snapchat, where she seems to have a lot of fun by posting snaps or videos with crazy filters or voiceovers which create a lot of excitement among her fans. Our favourite Charlotte Crosby’s Snapchat name is clc_17.

Every celebrity needs a platform where they can express their views without creating any controversies and to interact with the fans and these social media websites provide them with that platform. Crosby shares her views, grievances and interacts with her fans whenever she gets time. One can also expect to see glimpses of her personal and personal life in her Snapchat account.

She also endorses her brand and reality shows through Snapchat. Apart from treating her fans with her candid pictures, she also shares background videos and bloopers from her latest shows and increases the excitement among the fans by teasing them with the cover of her new books and fitness DVDs. You can watch her posting something interesting almost every day.

You can simply follow the reality queen by searching Charlotte Crosby Snapchat name and become a part of her candid moments. Keep up with the popular faces like Charlotte Crosby and other stars from all over the world by adding them in Snapchat. Get even closer to your favourite reality star from Sunderland and explore every tits and bit of her life.

What is Charlotte Crosby’s Snapchat?

Charlotte Crosby’s snapchat username is clc_17.

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