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heir love story started when Tyga performed at Kendall Jenner’s sweet sixteen birthday party. It was not long enough before the couple can be seen hanging out together. This was prominently noticed when Tyga randomly started appearing in Kylie Jenner’s snapchat stories. Ever since they went public on their relationship after Kylie’s 18th birthday, it has escalated to quite a new level. Apparently their snapchat not only documents the dates they have together, but are now quite hot and steamy with way too much information the masses can handle.

That time when Kylie’s bit Tyga’s lip

Kylie Jenner shared quite a risqué video of her and her boyfriend Tyga on Saturday night, partying and kissing at the Alexander Wang after party in New York.

Apparently, Kylie starts missing Tyga even when he is just downstairs

Another of her snapchat videos reveals Kylie longing for Tyga, even when he was all the way, just downstairs. Strange!

The “Marshmallow Booty” rap dedication

Their snapchat portrays Tyga’s rapping into Kylie’s ear about having a “Marshmallow booty” and the internet simply cannot stop going crazy about it!

Obsession to the deepesy

Kylie and Tyga, seemed way to obsessed with each other, ot basically an extravagant load of attachment.

Head massages? Hell yeah!

Thiings could not have gone more creepy when Kylie filmed herself giving a lavish head massage to Tyga and feeling totally redeemed on the snapchat video to the world.

Another stroke, this time it is the face!

Apparently, Kylie fancies Tyga to the extent, she is seen giving a light stroke to Tyga’s face.

Poor Tyga’s boxers!


She also shared a photo all dressed up in Tyga’s boxers. They seem pretty cool, aren’t they?

Third wheel totally rocks!

Their romance arouses jealousy. I am totally the third wheel in here!

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Feel who?

It is quite hard to distinguish who they are feeling – themselves or for each other!

Kiss filters

If it were not for the kiss noises, who would not think a psychotic serial killer is on loose! *smirks*

Sophistication is not my niche!

Who knew a simple and plain pose would totally nail their snapchat? Well, they did!

Itchy Itch – Scratch my Bitch!

Tyga even the liberty to scratch Kylie’s itch on snapchat. And, why not? She is nothing less than some princess!

There goes the itch once again!

The itchy affair is taking on quite a toll – this time it is Kylie’s chin!

The time when Kylie couldn’t stop throwing herself on Tyga – BAE goals!

And then, the sequel. She filmed herself squashing her body all over his face.. Tyga seems to be enjoying it thoroughly.

Tired Tyga seems to be going totally off track this time!

So, together they decide not to be on snapchat the whole day!

Hence, Kylie snapchatted the whole thing and made it quite an official affair!

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