Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on 11th November 1974 in Hollywood, California. He is an actor, film producer and a philanthropist.

The birth of his movie career dated back to the 90s with several milestones and sterling performances that have endeared him to movie lovers across the globe. Leonardo Dicaprio most successful movie is James Cameron’s epic, Titanic in 1997.

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Dicaprio had to be persuaded to take the leading role Titanic because he felt intimated at first. Eventually, he was a success in the role and the movie became the highest-grossing film, before Avatar took over, and raked in close to 2 billion dollars in box-office receipts.

In return, DiCaprio became a movie superstar with global recognition and drives fans’ affections like never before especially among girls and young women.

Referring to the impacts of the movie and the amazing surprises it brought into his career, Leonardo DiCaprio was quoted saying “I have no connection with me during that whole Titanic phenomenon and what my face became around the world… I’ll never reach that state of popularity again, and I don’t expect to. It’s not something I’m going to try to achieve either.”

Even DiCarprio seemed awed by the movie he used to captivate the attention of the rest of the world.

Personal life

Leonardo DiCarprio was born and grew up in Hollywood, California. His parents have roots in both Germany and Italy and both met in college before moving to Los Angeles, California where they eventually settled. He was said to have been named Leonardo because his mother was looking at a Leonardo Vinci’s paintings when he had his first kick as a foetus.

He, however, went through a trying time as his parents had a divorced when he only one. He lived more with his mothers but also stayed with his grandparents.

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DiCarprio had a couple of relationships that haven’t really worked out well. He dated Brazillian model, Gisele Bundchen; Israeli model, Bar Refaeli; and actress, Bijou Philips among others.

He was said to have been badly injured in 2005 when he was hit with a broken bottle by Aretha Wilson at a Hollywood party. Wilson was later convicted and sent to two years prison term in 2010.

Leonardo DiCarprio has always been politically active and has been known to have made financial contributions in support of aspiring political office holders in the United States.

Movie Career

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is one of the luckiest movie stars in recent times. He has acted as well as produced some of the most successful movies around.

The birth of his movie career dated back to early 90s when he was used in television commercials and later had a couple roles in television series. But his real career in film started after his role as Josh in Critters 3 in 1991.
Other films he has starred in are The Boy’s Life, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo and Juliet and the mind-blogging epic romance, Titanic. He has been involved in several other movies and has received countless awards and recognitions across the industry.

Some of the other popular movies he’s been involved in are: Blood Diamond, Body of lies, Revolutionary Road, Catch Me if You Can and the Great Gatsby among others.

He is very much active as an actor and a producer and has been using his moving to address salient issues across the globe.

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Other Interests

DiCaprio is said to be very passionate about charity and philanthropic deeds. He was said to have donated on several occasions to meet the teeming needs around his childhood home. Beyond, he has been involved and also donated hugely to charity works in Haiti and Mozambique.

His is also very passionate about Wildlife conservation and, in 2011, joined the Animal Legal Defence Fund’s campaign to get freedom for a Tiger stuck in a Truck in Grosse Tete, Louisiana. It wasn’t really a surprise when he used his acceptance speech for the best actor (2015) to push supports for actions against climate change.

According to him, “Climate change is real… it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together…” DiCarprio passions on wildlife and safe environment are hot and unmistakable.

Recently, in 2016, his meeting with Pope Francis where he spoke and donated towards environmental causes prompted the Pope to consider being a part of a movie titled, Beyond the Sun. According to the plan, the proceeds from the faith-based movie would be given to charities in Argentina.

DiCarprio being honoured earlier in 2016 (check link above)

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He’s also been reported to have made donations to causes that help promote LGBT in the media.

Social Media Impacts


Leonardo DiCarprio has been very much active on the social media. He’s used the media to promote himself, his works and many of his foundations and charity works.

Indeed, it seems DiCarprio is now more committed to using the social media to support his philanthropic works and foundations more than even his movies.

However, a couple of Leonardo DiCarprio pictures and words have surfaced on Snapchat but can be traced to his verified personal page. It leaves so many fans with the question, “Does Leonardo DiCaprio has a Snapchat ID? The answer is more likely a “No. Leonardo DiCarprio doesn’t have a public Snapchat ID.”

With his large following on FacebookInstagram and TwitterLeonardo DiCarprio’s Snapchat is a missing link to complete the chain of his social media exploits. It could have been a huge boost.

I am hoping Leonardo DiCarprio is planning to take his campaigns and many laudable efforts to Snapchat where he can unleash the power of Snapchat to reach his audience and more young people.

I believe if more young people could be made to appreciate and own his towering vision, the sky is the limit.

What is Leonardo DiCarprio’s Snapchat?

Leonardo DiCarprio doesn’t have a public Snapchat ID.

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