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cePeyton List is an American Actress and model born on the 6th of April, 1998 in Florida, United States of America. Her parents are Suzanne and John List. She also has a twin brother who is known as Spencer and a younger brother who goes by the name, Phoenix. Both of them are also into acting and modelling.

According to her profile, Aries is her zodiac sign, and presently based in Los Angeles, California. List went to The Carroll School for her primary programme, attended the New Voices School for Academic and Creative Arts in New York for middle school and eventually graduated from Oak Park High School, California in 2016.

Personal Life and Relationship

Peyton List isn’t in any relationship for now. At least, she isn’t in any which is made public. She was in a relationship with Cameron Boyce for about three years, 2012 – 15. But since the relationship ended in 2015, she hasn’t been known to be going out with any other person.

Peyton growth and rise in the movie industry has been steady and consistent. Once, when she was told that she’d won the role of Emma on Jessie, it was reported that she jumped up and around her room and cried for the sheer depth of happiness she felt.

Peyton List at the Nickelodeon's 2018 Kids' Choice Awards held at the Forum in Inglewood

For her dreamed movie role, she is interested in playing a superhero especially the type that can fly or lift a car.
It probably no news that she’s fashion freak, like any other celebrity, anyway. Her friends are said to have teased her about having different kinds of lip glosses in her bags. Does Peyton have a celebrity crush? I think she has many. Although she only agreed to only one celebrity crush, James Marsden. But the truth is, she probably had more than one. Once she pointed out, blushingly, that Zac Efron is cute.

Peyton List was said to have moved down to New York from Florida when she was just four. That was about the time she also had her first taste of acting. At the time, she was a little girl in Diner, in the soap opera, As the World Turns. Besides, she also appeared in a couple of television series and films as a young child. List also modelled for tween magazines and organisations while growing up.

However, she had to wait to land in fame until when she played the role of Emma Ross in the Disney Channel Series, Jessie and Sasha Burden on ABC’s Cashmere Mafia. In 2008, she also acted in 27 Dresses and has since continued to soar in her acting careers till date.

Career and Awards

At 18, the number of movies List has been involved in is just amazing. From childhood, it seems Peyton List has a magnetic wand that keeps endearing movie directors and the movie audiences to her like no one else.

The birth of Peyton List’s acting career dated back to 2002 when she appeared in the television series called “As The World Turns”. In the work, Peyton was a little girl in the 47th Season, Episode 143. She followed that up with another appearance in Spiderman 2, 2004. Again, she was a little girl playing on the staircase in the movie. Later in 2004, she also played Bess in “All My Children Season 35, epistle 229.”

Peyton also appeared in “Late Show” as a young tourist at Paul Shaffer hotel in episode 194 of the 12th season of the series. In 2007, she banged another acting job as Young Winnie in a short movie titled, “The Product of 3c” and followed it up with Young Jane Nichols role in the movie, “27 Dresses” and closed the year with another shot in “Remember Back.”

Actress Peyton List at the 2017 People's Choice Awards at The Microsoft Theatre, L.A. LiveThe following year, 2009, she was the shoe store girl in the famous movie, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and was Emily in the 2010 movie titled “3 Backyard.” She ended 2010 with the movies, ”Remember Me” where she played the role of Samantha, Young Becky in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and played the role of Wendy Miller in “Bereavement.”

She went on to play Holy Hills in the “Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Rodrick Rule,” and capped the year with her role as Young Darcy Rhone in “Something Borrowed” in 2011. She eventually won the Best Performance in A Featured Film on the Young Artist Award category in 2012. That came from her role as Holly Hills in the popular movie, “Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days”. She was also Young Cali the same year in the movie titled “The Trouble with Cali”.

Lastly, after her involvement in “The Seventh Dwarf” in 2014, she was Mackenzie in Outskirt and Laina Michaels in “Thinning” both in 2016.

At 18, you can’t take the fact that Peyton has had a huge share of her time on the stage. Considering her age, though, it isn’t unlikely that are best years are still ahead.

Snapchat and Social Media Involvements

Peyton List at the Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala and Awards Show at the ArcLight Hollywood TheaterYou won’t be wrong to say Peyton List has not fully deployed the power of the social media to support her thriving career. She isn’t as conspicuous as you would have expected her on the new media. But when you consider that she still boast of close to 3 million likes on the Facebook, almost five million on Twitter and over 9 million on Instagram, you wouldn’t won’t ignore how much social media powers she wields.

On Snapchat, List has also used the creative tools to walk her page to life. Her Snapchat Id, @lalpeyton is as fun-filled as it is creative.

Like many other celebrities within her age bracket, she uses the filters, lenses and Snapchat’s effects to bring her stories and page to life.

So, if you are considering following a celebrity that will be relevant for decades ahead, I suggest you try being a part of Peyton List’s Snapchat audience. For us, her finest days still lie ahead.

What is Peyton List’s Snapchat?

Peyton List’s snapchat username is lalpeyton.


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