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Snapchat is gradually becoming one of the most popular social media apps around. The large numbers of creative and editing functions with features that can give your videos and photos exceptional brilliance have positioned it among the most used social media platforms today.

Could you imagine the possibilities of having about 200 million bustling, fun-seeking audience with many creative tools at their disposal on a platform? That’s what Snapchat offers and, much more! A good number of the users are comfortable with the fact that their sensitive pictures come up and vanished into the thin air without dissipating much effort. Others are merely fascinated with the creativity, publicity and fun offered by the app.

Snapchat lenses on android cell smartphone

Snapchat is probably the most creative app around when it comes to fraternising with friends and fans. It is presently crossing the traditional lines and breaking norms by becoming a medium that can effectively tell your stories in a way that is most convenient, efficient and exceptionally creative. You can give your visual posts a timeline and be convinced it will disappear as at when due. Without fail!

These many features have their negative effects, however. Snapchat app has heavy graphics and many displays that can easily confuse a new user and there are very few official guidelines on how to navigate these blocks. As a new user, the real task, therefore, is getting to cross the limits and let loose a world of possibilities at the other end of the app.

But never mind, this article will guide you carefully through all the seemingly difficult terrains, taking you through the many steps on how to get the apps, navigate your ways to signing up and unleashing the power behind Snapchat’s thrilling social world.

Before we lounge into the intricacies of using Snapchat, I believe it will be great news to add that with all the features, tools, fascinating trips and fun on Snapchat, it is still entirely free. Besides the cost of the time spent fraternising with your bits, you are on Snapchat’s super-thrilling voyage, without paying a dime! That’s huge plus!

Now, let’s get started from the basics for Login to Snapchat

You can log in online to Snapchat or just download the software on your iPhone or Android for consistent and continuous use and updates. If you sign-up and decide to log in online, without using your phone, you have no use downloading the app again.

You can follow or copy the following link into your browser, to sign-up instantly. Alternatively, you can follow to log in on your desktop or palmtops if you’ve already created one before. The landing page will look exactly like this:

Lastly, you can also use snapchat sign up online | snapchat download to download the apps. However, Snapchat is designed for smart phones, especially an Android or an iPhone and works best when you use it on them.

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Better still, you can go directly to to download the app for your type of device and start feeling the entire thrills. Click on the smiling, yellow (or white) masked head (usually called ghost) to be directed to the page where you can easily choose the right type of Snapchat app compatible with your devices. You can also login to App Store or Google Play Store to download the apps free of charge.

How to sign-up on Snapchat

After downloading the software on your iPhone, for instance, through App Store you do the following:

  • Go to the programmes page on iPhone and tap on the yellow ghostlike image (Snapchat symbol).
  • You will be asked to sign-up or sing-in (to enter Snapchat).
  • Tap on the sign-up button. Sign-in is meant for those who have an existing Snapchat account.
  • The software takes you to the next stage where you will be asked to supply a username, an e-mail, a New Password and your birthday. As a rule, you must be over 12 years old to be allowed to register on Snapchat.
  • You need to take extra care while choosing a username. The name chosen must be the type you are comfortable with since it will be displayed as your identity everywhere your account shows up. You may also want to consider the type your friends will easily relate with.

Unfortunately, there is no changing it after this information is submitted and your account approved.

  • Supply the right information. Your password must also be, at least, 8 characters or it will be rejected. You will be prompted to verify your phone number. You can fix this instantly or decide to do it later. Avoid getting too formal, it’s a social platform.
  • Lastly, you will be asked to prove that you aren’t a machine. This is necessary to clarify that an automated system isn’t running the process. To confirm this, you will be asked to tap on a couple of ghosts. Don’t worry, they aren’t that scary. After selecting all the images, you can press “continue” to start using the app.

That done, you are good to go. Welcome to Snapchat!

Snapchat application icon on Apple iPhone X smartphone screen close-up

A typical profile shot on a Snapchat page.

After these steps, you can start adding friends instantly or you do that later. To give you a head-up, Snapchat will bring up a list of your friends and ask you to add them up. This is possible because the app has been granted the permission to scan through the contacts on your phone. You may choose to add as many as you want by checking the “plus” signs by the right side of the page.

Alternatively, you can go towards the top of the app and press the search symbol. Now, you can start expressing your mind, creating stories and furnishing your page with many creative and attractive pictures and videos and enhanced them with a number of tools and features.

  • For Android Users, you will need to go to Google Play Store or download from Snapchat official site given above.After identifying the software compatible with your Android smartphone, click on it to download.
  • It may prompt you to install or, in most cases, gets installed automatically.
  • Then, go to your programmes or software section on your phone and tap on Snapchat icon.
  • Next, you check sign-up option. Again, there will be both sign-up and sign-in options, no mix-up.
  • Needless to say, click on “sign-up” if you are new or “sign-in” if you an existing Snapchat user.
  • The software takes you to the registration page. Here your detailed will be taken and verified. Just like it was done on for iPhone, you will be asked to supply your date of birth, your User ID, your e-mail and password. The age limit for iPhone is still very much applicable here.
  • So, go ahead and choose the right username and a password you can easily relate with. Ensure the chosen password is up to eight characters in order to be accepted by the app.
  • After that, you will be asked to verify your phone number and prove that you are a human. For the verification process, a code will be sent to your phone and which you will supply back on the app. You can decide to verify your phone later as was explained for iPhone users.
  • After proving that you are a human, by checking the images, you can click “continue” and start using the app.
  • After this, your Android phone is ready to use be on Snapchat and you are a registered member already. Now, you have all the fun you desire at your beck and call.

Lastly, using Snapchats on Windows’ phones is problematic for Snapchat users. You will need to go through a third party’s application which can be subsequently removed by Snapchat admin. You can, however, try installing BlueStacks app on your Windows’ phone to get started with Snapchat.

Snapchat application icon on Apple iPhone X smartphone screen close-up (2)

Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the official site of BlueStacks and choose the version you want.
  • You will be given Options for Windows and Mac operating systems. Choose Windows.
  • After that, the file will be downloaded and you will check or response to a number of instructions to start the installation and further facilitate its completion.
  • After the application’s installation is completed, go ahead and use it to search for other applications.
  • Select and install Snapchat through BlueStacks.
  • When the installation is completed. You can follow the steps given earlier to work on Snapchat and be a part of the fun.

It is, however, best to use Snapchat compatible devices that allow the app can be operated independently. On the third party, you never can tell, Snapchat may decide to bounce on them tomorrow.

There isn’t a limit to the depth of fun you can catch on Snapchat. There is practically not a moment of boredom. And, the app is developing a series of features, effects and tools to make your time, stories and visual materials most enthralling.

Kourtney Kardashian posed with a stunning trainer on a sunny morning, a Snapchat’s picture.
If you’ve ever considered delving into the world of unlimited fun, Snapchat is your best bet. Stop lagging behind, get started.