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Tiesto Snapchat

Tijs Michiel Verwest, famously known as Tiësto is renowned as a Dutch DJ and record producer. “The Greatest DJ of All Time” is one of the famous DJs on social media today. Tiesto Snapchat is “Tiesto” and the fans who are following are enough to showcase the love he has got till now.

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This 48 year old celebrity was ranked no. 1 in British Music Magazine during 2002-2004. In 2013, “DJ Magazine” recognized Tiësto as the “Best DJ of the last 20 years”. His later publications also mentioned that he asked to remove DJ from DJ Tiësto and keep it simply Tiësto.

Tiësto has been in the industry since 1994 has seen success all around the world. Born in Breda, Netherlands, the DJ began to show his love for music, when he was just fourteen years old, by DJing professionally for the school parties.

The DJ has been best known for the remix of Delerium-single Silence along with Sarah McLachlan. Also, he got a lot of popularity for his mix compilations “Magik” and “In Search Of Sunrise”, which was released through his own record label “Black Hole Recordings“.

Along with his composition of Dance4Life song, this DJ-cum-record producer is the ambassador of Dance4Life Foundation, fighting against HIV/Aids.

Music Career

In 2001, Tiësto released his first solo album “In My Memory” under the sub-label “Magik Muzik”. It had 5 major hits. In his early career, he was awarded with Zilveren Harp music award. Not only this, he also received a Lucky Strike Dance Award for the Best DJ Trance/Progressive.

He also went for “Tiësto Solo” and played for six hours without any other DJ and back then in early 2000s, the idea was quite unique and he became the first DJ playing solo concert.

Tiësto released his second album in 2004 called “Just Be“, featuring his single “Traffic”, non-vocal track, which got number one place in Dutch national charts. He was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau by Queen Beatrix of “The Netherlands”.

In 2004, he wrote more tracks similar to “Adagio for Strings” to be presented in Olympics, which definitely excited a lot of Dutch athletes. The tracks were the amalgamation of classic and modern age and showed the spirit of Olympics.

“Tiësto’s Club Life” was a two-hour radio show, presented by Tiësto on a Dutch radio station. In 2009, a new album was released featuring Priscilla Ahn, Tegan & Sara, Calvin Harris and Nelly Furtado called “Kaleidoscope”. This is also known as his most experimental album.

The DJ has also won a Grammy award in 2015 for Best Remixed Recording, for remixed version of John Legend’s “All Of Me”. It got a lot of fame and was a must-repeat on many playlists. Tiësto also promoted deep house music by launching a deep house label known as “AFTR:HRS”.

Looking at the past and his career till now, we are sure that his love for the music will make the noise louder in future as well.

DJ Tiësto at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California

Non-Music Undertakings

After a breakthrough release of “Elements of Life”, Giorgio Armani collaborated with Tiësto and launched a limited edition of Tiësto T-shirt, which was displayed at Armani Exchange stores. Single “Sweet Things” flashed the shirt displaying “A|X Remix” by Tom Cloud and helped the charity to raise over US$300,000.

In 2014, Tiësto was in news all around for the free Global Citizen Festival, which took place in New York’s Central Park. As per Forbes, Tiësto’s estimated annual income was $38 million in 2016.

Social Engagements

Tiësto has crazy fan-following. Being a world renowned DJ, Tiësto has a long list of fans from every corner of the world. From instagram to snapchat, the DJ has got a lot of love on all the social media platforms.

The DJ is mostly on tours and his pictures of playing in different zones of the world make it all worth for his fans. Being followed by a million of people, Tiësto is always active on his social media platforms.

His all the posts are with interesting captions, which pretty much make us believe more in his music. He never posts anything with a dull caption. Instead of simply posting about the location he is performing in, he would rather make it interesting by his witty choice of words. For instance, on Halloween, Tiësto posted a picture of one girl in Halloween outfit under the caption “What are you gonna be for Halloween?” Isn’t this simply amazing?

His social media handles are full of the posts about the different places he is playing in, posters of his show, a lot of musical equipments and definitely about the audience he plays for.

Where there are a lot of platforms to handle, Tiësto comes out to be pretty active on all of them and interacting well with the fans. This perfect snapchatter is making people go all crazy showing off his shiny rock star lifestyle.

His snapchat also talks about all the glam game. Not only, he is showing off the places he goes to but also, there is a lot more to talk about. One minute, he will be flashing some confetti rain and the moment after he posts backstage stories, full of girls in bikinis.

He is also a fashion-lover. Thus, this DJ loves to show off some style taste. He is in love with Gucci and we can definitely see him revealing the same on snapchat. His fans have gone crazy for his Fendi Beats headphones lately.

As per Tiësto, social media platforms are great and it is a good way to interact with the people he loves. And, we can definitely believe in the same by looking at his active handles and millions of fans.
So, if you want to see some of the best posts on snapchat, go through Tiësto’s handle: tiesto.

What is DJ Tiësto’s Snapchat Name?

DJ Tiësto’s snapchat username is tiesto.

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