30 Snapchat Stars You Need To Follow On Snapchat And Their Usernames

It’s a proven fact today that social media advertising or promotion is a leading part of the digital campaign. The values and impacts the social media bring to digital campaigns and marketing promotions generally have become clearly unprecedented. So, for smart marketing experts, there is no overstating the place of the social media in their plans.

1. Using Snapchat’s Power
2. 30 Snapchat Stars and their Usernames

Snapchat Stars

1. Crawfall Collins
2. DJKhaled
3. Dr Miami
4. Sara Hopkins
5. Shaun McBride
6. Joshua Holz
7. Katie May
8. Julienna Goddard
9. LeBron James
10. Salathiel Cyrene Ganzon Quiamco
11. David Bush
12. Tristan Tales
13. Mike Comedy
14. Paulo Soares
15. Danny Berk
16. The Stephen
17. Taylor Nikolas
18. Bri Teresi
19. CJ OperAmericano
20. Michael Platco
21. Poppy Jamie
22. Mark Kaye
23. Audrey Spencer
24. Amine Mijito
25. Thomas Moore
26. Caitlin O’Connor
27. Chris Carmichael
28. GeeOhSnap
29. Branden Harvey
30. Evan Garber

Consider the fact that the number of active users of the social media is about 2.5 billion compared with about entire 3.5 billion people on the internet globally. That’s over 70% of the entire people on the internet globally.
That’s not all. Only on Snapchat, it’s been said that there are OVER 100 million DAILY users but considering that more people are discovered to watch college football games on Snapchat than on Network Television, it is believed that the figure is a lot more that. Also, the daily views of the videos and Snapchat’s “stories” recently hit well over 2 billion.

These are daring figures that should convince anyone serious with the use of the social media that Snapchat is no longer a push over as a social media tools.

According to statistics from Edison’s Infinite Dial, we discovered that Snapchat is now more popular than 80% of all the social media use in the Americans. In a summary, the diagram below gives a quick glance between Snapchat and other popular social media platforms.

Edison’s Infinite Dial

Using Snapchat’s Power

The struggle for attention is getting tensed in the highly contested marketplace. This has pushed companies and their marketing units to devise strategies that will break into the streams of digital users who could be properly engaged and harnessed for campaigns’ success.

Snapchat, with well-over 100 million daily “snapchatters” presents them with a perfect market. But how can you break into these streams of engaged users and grab their attention to your advantage? What can you use as a bait to reach this promising demography?

Before looking at the list of the bigwigs on Snapchat, it important to first considers some of Snapchat’s amazing benefits.

  • Massive and growing number of young users.
  • It is easy and quick to use.
  • It has so many tools that add values and fun to your post.
  • Quality creative applications to create media posts.
  • The posts are easily deleted as at when required without much efforts from the owners.
  • The videos are more real than Instagram and have much more funs than Facebook.
  • Today, the movement of celebrities into the platform is massive.

We’ve got a list of 30 Snapchat stars you should consider following today.

30 Snapchat Stars and their Usernames

Looking so serious and then there's my shirt hahah

A post shared by CrawfordCollins (@crawfordcollins) on

Crawfall Collins is a 19 years old Canadian with a massive influence across all media pages. Besides his popularity on Snapchat, he is also very popular on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and commands a whopping 1.6 million followers on his Vine channel.
Crawford Collins’ snapchat code: CrawfordCollins

DJ Khaled, is our second superstar and he’s 41 years old. Born in New Orlean, LA is a Producer, DJ and music executive. He was nominated for in Grammy Award as the best Rap/Song Collaboration the same year in 2012.

He is also the winner of Shorty Award for Snapchatter in 2016. Before he became popular, he was a Florida DJ in 1990s. He’s featured in Lil Wayne’s song titled, Take it to the Head.
DJ Khaled’s snapchat code is djkhaled305

Our next Snapchat superstar you should consider giving a look is Dr Miami. The 44 years old New Yorker and social media lord is a plastic surgeon with specialisation in rhinoplasty and buttock augmentations. He is also the head of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery in Miami.

He has been able to use Snapchat as a springboard for promoting his medical practices.
Dr Miami’s snapchat code is therealdrmiami

When they can't get the hint @kayjewelers #ad 🎅🏽🤣

A post shared by Sara Hopkins (@sayhop) on

Twenty-five years old, Georgian born media influencer, Sara Hopkins catches fun on Snapchat with the ID @sayhop. Besides being a star on Snapchat, she is also a popular figure in Vine. She has a B.A from Auburn University.
She was also a finalist on 2016 Snapchat’s Shorty Awards finalist.

Sara Hopkins’ snapchat code is sayhop

Shaun McBride goes by the username @shonduras on Snapchat. He uses Snapchat’s app to create art works and Snapchat stories that are very attractive and highly interactive. Shaun McBride won the 2016 Snapchat Storyteller award for his efforts.

Besides Snapchat, he is also very active on Twitter and Youtube. He’s married to Jenny McBride and has a daughter by the name Adley.

Joshua Holz is another very popular Snapchat star. The 16 years old is also very popular on Instagram and Twitter.
The “Damn, Daniel” video he posted on February 15, 2016, went viral and was a huge success. He is also a surfer and skateboarder and usually posted\d pictures from these activities on his Snapchat’s page.

Joshua Holz’s snapchat code is josholzz

Katie May was also a famous and successful Snapchat star, a self-acclaimed Queen of Snapchat. She died at the age of 34 (February 4, 2016) after suffering from a stroke.

Julienna Goddard is an American born, 26 years old Snapchat super star. She goes by the name, YesJulz on Snapchat. She is also a popular figure on both Twitter and Instagram.

She was also part of the nominees for 2016 Snapchat Shorty Awards as the Snapchatter of the year. She is associated with a fellow superstar, LeBron James.

Julienna Goddard’s snapchat code is yesjulz

Salathiel Cyrene Ganzon Quiamco is the founder of The11thSecond.com, a site dedicated to promoting people she considers special on Snapchat. The 27 years old Philippine is a very creative Snapchatter and was named as one of the Fascinating people on the Internet in 2015.

She is trained in graphic design, digital graphics, ceramics and painting and moved to the United States of America in 1997.
Salathiel Cyrene Ganzon Quiamco’s snapchat code is CyreneQ

19 years old David Bush goes around on the internet with the username, iDavidBush. His Snapchat Id is tehdavey. He is also very visible on Twitter, Vine, Youtube and Instagram.
David Bush’s snapchat code is tehdavey

Tristan Tales is a 22 years old Snapchat superstar from San Diego, California. He is famous for his viral, scripted sketches with partially-animated stories and stranger interaction clips on his channel.

Tristan has worked with Awesomeness TV, Coca Cola and Red Bull. He was one of the stars nominated for the Shorty Award on Snapchat for 2016.
Tristan Tales’s snapchat code is tristantales

Mike Comedy is a 23 years old Briton, famous on Snapchat for his series called Pampana. He is a comedian and was signed by Multi Talent Records.
Mike Comedy’s snapchat code is mikescomedyy

ice bar with mum!

A post shared by Paulo Soares (@itspaulosoares) on

Our 13th Snapchat star is Paulo Soares. He is a 17 years old vlogger and is also popular outside Snapchat. He was said to have joined the social media in 2011 by tweeting his debut tweet, “watching family guy”

Paulo Soares’ snapchat code is paulo90599

The Best day of my life…part #2 @skydivesandiego Full video on @cakes1todough1 Snapchat! Yewwwwww!

A post shared by Danny Berk (@danny_berk) on

Danny Berk is a 22 years old American who is popular for his Snapchat stories that explore his life as a semi-professional surfer. He started with Snapchat in 2011 and he’s been privileged to have worked with brands such as X-Games, Zillow, Jack in the Box, World Surf League, AOL and the cinnabon.
Danny Berk’s snapchat code is dannyberk

Merry Christmas! i hope Santa brought everything on your list 🎄

A post shared by STEPHEN HEADRICK (@heythestephen) on

The Stephen, as he’s fondly called, is a 21 years old American who has carved out a place for himself on SnapChat.
With his Id across different internet platforms simply as HeyTheStephen, he’s said to have made the most impact as a Snapchatter today.

He is also believed to have been very active on both Twitter and Instagram and was nominated as for the 2016 Snapchat newcomer Award.
The Stephen’s snapchat code is HeyTheStephen

Taylor Nikolas is a 28 years old who broke into the league of Snapchat superstars by his daily storytelling.
The graduate of business, Journalism, Marketing and Advertising from the University of St. Thomas has been recognised by several international media including Forbes and New York Magazine.

He’s the CEO of Viral Sparks.

Taylor Nikolas’ snapchat code is ncktaylor

Merry Christmas!!!!!🎄🐯🐴 @katieteresi brings back memories of us trapped in a house with a tiger and you know who 😉 😂

A post shared by Instagram Queen: BriTeresi (@briteresi) on

Bri Teresi is a 22 years old model and fitness guru. She has a major degree in Political Science from San Jose State University and refers to herself as the queen of Snapchat.

Bri Teresi’s snapchat code is BriTeresi

Pretend these lip emojis are blue 💋💋💋

A post shared by CJ OperAmericano (@operamericano) on

Famous for her positive and adventurous Snapchat stories, CJ OperAmericano has a huge followership on Snapchat. She has worked with Disney and Fox helping to create artworks and creative stories on their accounts.

She was a part of documentary short Snapchatters Guide to Snapchat. She graduated from both Florida Southern College and Concordia University, Nebraska as a Public Relations and also as a Communications & Media Experts respectively.
CJ OperAmericano’s snapchat code is OperAmericano

Our next Snapchat Super Star is Michael Platco. Michael has been able to use Snapchat to promote his work as a brand manager and has hugely succeeded at that.

He has worked with famous brands like Major League Soccer, ABC Family Pretty Little Liars and NBC’s The Voice. He is a graduate of Fine Arts from Boston University in 2011. He also runs a personal blog, michaelplatco.tumble.com
Michael Platco’s snapchat code is mplatco

The 26 years old Snapchat star, Poppy Jamie is the host of the first chat show on Snapchat titled Pillow Talk with Poppy. Her Snapchat show, Pillow Talk with Poppy is said to enjoy about 100 million daily viewers.

Also as a television host, she is well known as a presenter for MTV entertainment and Extra. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics in 2012.

Poppy Jamie’s snapchat code is Poppy_jamie

Look! I'm in @shonduras's subconscious! #cereal #snapchat

A post shared by Mark Kaye (@markkaye) on

42 years old Mark Kaye is a Snapchat star popular for his Snapchat series, Talkin’ Snap. He is also the brain before the Snapchatters’ promotional site, 1000snappers.

Though he was born in Canada, he moved to the United States when he was 8 years old and he’s presently living in Florida with his family.
Mark Kaye’s snapchat code is MarkKaye

Audrey Spencer uses Cakes1toDough1 for her works on Snapchat. She is popular on Snapchat for using her accounts to create funny pictures of her cats Oskar and Maya. She started this venture in 2014 and has grown to be loved by many Snapchatters for her humorous works.

Besides Snapchatting, she’s also an industrial designer.

Amine Mijito is a 21 years old Algerian who has used the Snapchat app to grow his fan base. He’s popular for creating many controversial videos of his encounters with women.

Today, he boasts of about 250,000 fans following his Snapchat tricks.
Amine Mijito’s snapchat code is illanmg

1800's child murderer looks

A post shared by Thomas Moore (@thomasistrash) on

Thomas Moore is a 17 years old Irish social media star and is famous for his selfies, videos and makeup skills. He runs with ThomasMoore99 as his Snapchat username and also owns a Youtube channel called ThomasIsTrash.

Born in Los Angeles CA, Caitlin O’Connor is the host of The Chive’s KCCO Cocktail. The 26 years of model, actress and social media influencer is also has an English major from the University of Los Angeles.
Caitlin O’Connor’s snapchat code is Caitlin_OConnor

Just a tourist🙈🦄

A post shared by Chris Carmichael (@chriscarm) on

Chris Carmichael is 29 years of American Snapchat star who is poplar for his comic book on the social page.

He is presently the CEO and founder of Slinger, a video discovering app.
Chris Carmichael’s snapchat code is ChrisCarm

GeeOhSnap is a self-employed graphic artiste who has successfully used Snapchat creates fascinating pictures and videos to draw a large number of fans to his page.

He is said to enjoy a daily view of about 1 million on his account.
GeeOhSnap’s snapchat code is geeohsnap

@sammiharveyco and I have had an incredible week celebrating our first wedding anniversary! . This week has looked a lot like our first year of marriage: so much laughter, an equal amount of tears, a lot of creating, and a little bit of travel. . We don't presume to be experts on any aspect of marriage or relationships yet. That's why we've largely shut up with publicly talking about our relationship this year. Hah. We've been putting our energy into figuring out this beautiful life-long thing together. And it's been beautiful. . I'm so proud to be married to this sweet girl with the deepest heart and an incredible sense of adventure. I'm looking forward to another great year of learning from and with @sammiharveyco. 😘 . Photo by @kaileythompson

A post shared by Branden Harvey (@brandenharvey) on

Branden Harvey was born in Spokane, WA on December, 1192. The 24 years old photographer and storyteller uses his photographic skills to tell stories on his Snapchat page. His Snapchat username is brandenharvey

Let me introduce you to the no look paper towel roll #trickshot

A post shared by Snapchat: EMGARBER (@emgarber) on

Our last Snapchat superstar is a 29 years old American who uses the ephemeral video app on Snapchat to create intricate artistic works of his followers.

Evan Garber’s reputable skills have earned his works with Disney, NBC and AT & T.
Evan Garber’s snapchat code is emgarber

You can reach out to any of these growing stars and get the fun of your life on Snapchat. And, who says you cannot be a Snapchat star yourself while catching fun.

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