Category: Photographers

Gone are those days when a photographer carries a still photo portfolio with him. Now with various social media platforms the trend has changed hugely. In recent times the popularity of social media has accelerated largely as the best platform for the photographers. Instagram, one such social media platform was always at number one choice for the photographers to exhibit their photography talent. However since 2011 the entire limelight shifted to Snapchat, an image messaging social network platform.
Nowadays photographers use Snapchat over any other social networking platform to showcase their photos because of the live streaming available in Snapchat. It is easy, live and the post disappears within 24 hours of posting. Snapchat, unlike other social network does not have any followers or friends. It is all about views. More the post is viewed more popular the photographer will be. Photographers use Snapchat more these days for better communication with the world. Open the app, click, get views and disappear your post within 24 hours. At the end of it manage millions of views on your post. Snapchat is more like a story teller than a social network. Twitter is for the thoughts, Instagram for the photo sharing and Facebook are for live events, Snapchat integrated all.