What is Beyoncé’s Snapchat Name?

Beyonce has been wowing the music world since her tender age while competing in many local competitions in Texas. She impressed many people and won several accolades with her unique dances and absorbing songs. Since then, the Music Queen has never looked back.

1. Early Life
2. Career
3. Personal Life
4. Social Media Impacts
5. Beyonce’s Untapped Social Media Wealth
6. Beyoncé’s Snapchat Name

Besides being a successful pop star, Beyonce is also a movie star, a fashion designer and an entrepreneur.

Early Life

Born in Houston, Texas on September 4, 1981, Beyonce Knowles first attracted public attention as the lead vocalist of Destiny Child. Destiny Child, an all-female group comprising Beyonce, her cousin, Kelly Rowland and two of her then classmates. The group was being managed by Beyonce father, Mathew Knowles. She also enjoined a strong support from the mother, Tina Knowles.


Their first major breakthrough came as the rejuvenated team of Destiny Child landed a record deal with Columbia Records in 1997. It didn’t get too long before they began to have their songs breaking through pop charts, specifically, their second album. It featured exceptionally popular hits like, “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name.”


In 2001, she ventured into other entertainment industry when she starred in MTV’s Carmen, A Hip Hopera. She also acted in Austin Powers’ movie, Goldmember in 2012. She was considered a success on those adventures into the movie industry.

Though she released a well-celebrated solo works before, Beyonce didn’t officially leave her group, Destiny Child until after their last studio album in 2004 titled Destiny Fulfilled.

Personal Life

All around this time, she was rumoured to be dating Jay-Z but refused to publicly deny or confirmed the relationship. Meanwhile, her career as a solo artiste continued to enjoy tremendous successes with her album, 2006 B’Day. Her movie career also continued as she featured in another movie, Dreamgirls featuring popular stars like Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson and others. She eventually got married to Jay-Z in a low shot marriage in 2008, New York City.

She has used her music to promote popular figures like US’ President, Barrack Obama and, recently, campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Apart from movie and songs, Beyonce also has a clothing brand, House of Dereon and also a fragrance brand called Heat.

Social Media Impacts

Beyonce Knowles is as popular on the social media as she is on the stage. Currently, she has about 14 million followers on Twitter, 65 million fans on Facebook and about 90 million on Instagram.

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Unlike most other pop stars, Beyonce is a lot more conservative with her use of the social media. Yes, she makes posts sharing trending pictures, video and running partnership deals on them but largely not as active as her fans would have loved.

For instance, Beyonce Snapchat’s name is hardly known as the few circulating are not verified. While taking questions from Musically.com, her digital manager, Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood declared that Beyonce’s digital platforms are deliberately managed as such to ensure her teaming fans are carefully taken care of. Whatever that meant!
For instance, she said Beyonce uses her Instagram by herself a lot. “It’s her way of communicating to fans a little bit of what her personal life is like.” On the other hand, she said her Facebook page, is designed more for promotional purposes. “We are careful NOT to be too salesy in anything that we do” there, she said. Furthermore, she said they do not use her Twitter page because she thinks Beyonce prefers communications in images and inferred that the 140 (then) characters are too small to express their views.

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Lastly, she alleged that they will rather be careful venturing into new social media platforms like Whatsapp and Snapchat.

“I find it really frustrating and annoying when somebody launches something new, whether it’s a new Facebook account or a new Snapchat account, and they do it for a period of time, then they go away for six months. It’s frustrating as a fan. I want to make sure if we use them, we use them well, and we use them strategically and we continue to fill the channel for a long time.” Wirtzer-Seawood said.

It is generally believed that Wirtzer-Seawood is a lot more comfortable navigating web page like Beyonce.com and Beyonce’s Facebook page. But we are unsure while she hasn’t insisted on being actively engaged on social media pages in Beyonce’s verified Snapchat page.

Is Beyoncé operating a secret Snapchat?

So many fans have been bothered about Beyonce’s relative quietness on important social platforms of recent. Indeed, it’s been speculated that she was probably operating a secret Beyonce Snapchat page. But why would she have a secret Snapchat’s name? Or, why should her fans think there’s a secret Beyonce Snapchat account?

A couple of weeks ago, her mother Tina Knowles posted on Instagram with the text, “My Baby Beyonce sent me this,” and went ahead posting something that suggested Beyonce is probably operating a secret Beyonce Snapchat account.

In the post, Beyonce sent her mum a video where she used Snapchat tool to filter her mum’s face with an underground audio. Though many fans were simply infuriated, feeling they needed to be a part of her Snapchat page but they need to consider the possibility that she’d used someone else’s account.

But the true is, all of these are pointers to the fact that we will be seeing a verified Beyonce’s Snapchat account very soon. But before anyone gets too serious about a possible secret Snapchat account of Beyonce, Tina Knowles added another twist to issues as she wrote a caption “No Snapchat!! Seriously!!!”, on the controversial post.

Beyonce Snapchat

Beyonce’s Untapped Social Media Wealth

Beyonce hardly promote brands on her social media accounts even when she could make millions of dollars doing so. Though her digital campaign handler had let us into her reason for the relative social media quietness, those cannot be sufficient reason to ignore the wealth and the bonding the social pages could have afforded her.

Once, though, she shared her own picture drinking a Slurpee from 7-11 but possibilities of brand promotion was quickly jettisoned as the brand name was almost invisible.

Generally, Beyonce hardly mentions the name of the brand she’s wearing or make the brand logo show to the public but she has been using them to promote more her own personal brands.

Whatever the explanations, let’s just hope the popular; superstar will be out more strongly on the social media in the coming years.

Beyonce’s Snapchat

What is Beyoncé’s Snapchat Name?

Beyoncé’s snapchat username is Bey34jay.

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