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Snapchat is the fastest growing social media network and has been making the right noises everywhere due to its creative and interactive platform. With over 10 billion snaps sent every day by over 100 million active users, the possibility is limitless to showcase your creativity and talents and is insanely addicting, amusing and downright fun.
Bloggers can’t get enough of the Snapchat interactive experience. With Snapchat, the opportunities for bloggers are endless. From sharing exclusive content to un-boxing a new product, giving an update on their latest blog post to sharing off their favorite products, Snapchat enables bloggers to connect with their followers in a more fun and interactive manner like never before. Besides, if the snap doesn’t turn out to be amusing, one don’t need to fret because it’s gone after 24 hours never to be rear its head again. Snapchat lets bloggers take blogging to a whole new level of intimacy and gives bloggers the ideal opportunity to build trust and gain followers through transparency and without significant commitment. With millions of anxious Snapchatters on hand, Bloggers can finally portray their real self to the world.