Brittany Furlan is a thirty years old American actress, comedian, costume designer and a top Vine video maker. Until late 2015 when she exited the Vine app, she happened to be the most followed female video star on the popular App. Her amazing Vine video uploads and powerfully engaging and funny comedy works, including those on Snapchat, have made her top female social media engagers. Brittany Furlan also has her works on Instagram, YouTube and featured on some famous TV shows.

1. Career
2. Awards and Nominations
3. Controversy
4. Social Media and Snapchat Works
5. Brittany Furlan’s Snapchat Name

Brittany Furlan was born on the 5 of September 1986 in Pennsylvania, the United States of America. Furlan Childhood and the growing days were restricted to Philadelphia but eventually moved to Los Angeles when she turned to 18 years to raise her acting career.

She’s been once described as one of the most influential people on the internet by the Time Magazine. She has also featured on famous websites like Buzzfeed, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and Tubefilter among others.

Standing at an enviable height of 5 feet and 6 inches, Furlan’s net worth, according to a recent post by articlebio, is estimated to be 500,000 dollars.


From childhood, Brittany Furlan dreamed of becoming a TV actress, but after several TV auditions, she pushed a bit further by getting busy with the Vine videos.

When she turned 18, Furlan moved to Los Angeles and decided to try her hands on fashion while pushing through her acting career. Then, she got noticed by a casting director and was included in an audition for a hidden camera show known as Reality Hell in 2009. Although the show didn’t go on for long, Furlan career has already been born and sold to the public.

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Before becoming a Vine star, Furlan made efforts at breaking into the celebrity world through the TV. In 2014, she featured in Fireball, a song by Putbull that also featured John Ryan.

Also, Furlan career has been greatly enhanced by her bits in popular movies such as We are Your Friends (2015), How to Have Sex on Plane (2015), and Facebook is not Your Friends(2014).

Fortunately for her, she’s had top-notch deals with popular brands across the world. After her first brand deal with Benefit Cosmetics, Furlan has worked with globally respected brands like Dickies, Wendys, Trident and Reebok.

Awards and Nominations

Furlan was a top female Viner and has received massive commendations and recognition for her talents and skills.
In the Streamy Award of 2014, she was the Vine person of the year though DeStorm Power turned out the Best Viner Comedian in the year. She was also nominated as the Choice Web Viner for the Teen Choice Awards in 2015.


Brittany Furlan hasn’t been in the news for too many controversies. But, sometimes in 2013, she was banned from the department store, Target, after being accused of harassing customers while filming her works.

Furlan has also been accused of stealing ideas of other Viners in her works.

Social Media and Snapchat Works

Furlan engaging and funny Vine videos have been hugely accepted and watched on the social media. On the Instagram, YouTube and Brittany Furlan’s Snapchat, she has an army of viewers, fans and followers that run into tens of millions.

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One platform you can be sure to reach deep and close with Brittany Furlan is the Instagram. That explains her massive 2.2 followers’ strength on the platform. Her id on Instagram is @brittanyfurlan.

Lastly, you can also hook up with Brittany Furlan on Snapchat @brittanyjfurlan. You are guaranteed the best of Furlan on Snapchat any day, anytime.

What is Brittany Furlan’s Snapchat Name?

Brittany Furlan’s snapchat username – brittanyjfurlan.

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