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The craze of Snapchat is not just confined to the commoners but even the celebrity DJs are addicted to this fun social media application .The popular DJs from all over the world use Snapchat for building a strong connection with their fans and also reflect their fun side to them. Many DJs are noticed playing with various filters and then posting it on Snapchat for allowing their fans to have a good laugh.
In this digitalized world, the DJs give their fans exclusive updates about their upcoming concerts or shows and also a glimpse of their robust tunes through Snapchat. You can also expect the DJs to post about the release date of their albums in Snapchat. It is one of the best platforms to promote their upcoming albums. The DJs are also found updating videos or snaps live from their concerts and give their fans a chance to take a tour of the grand celebration of their musical creations in brief. DJs on Snapchat share a lot about their personal life. They share about their family, friends, pets and also loves to update about the happy times during holidays and vacations. It is as if, they try hard to make themselves public to the fans as they want their fans to know them well.
As they are just human beings, they love playing with different filters and other crazy features such as cool voiceovers, masks of the legendary characters from the classic films. Whether serenading the fans with their crazy snaps or providing live updates from their live performances, they use Snapchat in every way possible to thank their fans. You also get to know that when your favourite DJ will make special appearances in any show or event. Whatever the news is, the DJs prefer to update their fans with the latest news by using Snapchat. For a DJ the fans are everything, the fans are the reason that they feel motivated to produce quality works so they pay tribute to their fans with constant updates in their Snapchat accounts. Look for the DJ’s Snapchat usernames and be ready for exclusive surprises.

Tiesto Snapchat

DJ Tiësto Snapchat

Tijs Michiel Verwest, famously known as Tiësto is renowned as a Dutch DJ and record producer. “The Greatest DJ of All Time” is one of the famous DJs on social media today. Tiesto Snapchat is…

DJ Khaled Snapchat

DJ Khaled Snapchat

There are many things working for American DJ, back-up rapper and music star, Khaled Khaled. One of such things is definitely his originality. 1. Biography 2. Music Career 3. Non-Music Ventures 4. Social Media Engagement…