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Snapchat has been making the right noises everywhere due to its fun and interactive platform which allows someone to send out a snap to all their followers or even as a direct message to someone in particular. Singers have jumped onto this bandwagon and have been actively using Snapchat as the ideal platform to keep in touch with their millions of followers all around the world. From sexy selfies to revealing future album releases dates, singers are killing it with this beloved social media application.
People want to know everything about what their favorite singers are doing and what they are up to in their lives. By using Snapchat as an outlet, singers are using Snapchat to give their followers what they want; an insight into their private lives and daily happenings. Right from attending glitzy red carpet events to night out with friends – from exclusive backstage footage of their concerts to even funny videos of their day-to-day life, Singers have been using Snapchat to keep their followers entertained and firmly riveted to their mobile devices. Besides that, their Snapchat escapades have been getting the right amount of publicity via popular celebrity blog sites thus helping singers always stay in the limelight.

Miley Cyrus Snapchat

Miley Cyrus Snapchat

Of all those who would enjoy this platform, the most with its vivid filters and wildly colorful face swaps, Miley Cyrus Snapchat is one totally worth following. Of course, one might often come up with…

Ariana Grande Snapchat

Ariana Grande Snapchat

Born in Boca Raton, Florida on the 26th of June 1993, Ariana Grande-Butera is a growing American actress, philanthropist and a singer. Her musical career began in 2011 with the Broadway Musical 13 and her…

Lady Gaga on Snapchat

Lady Gaga Snapchat

Just hours before her performance at the Super Bowl 50 Lady Gaga announced that she is going to document her journey of SB50 through Snapchat. Lady Gaga is popularly known in snapchat with username lady…

Selena Gomez Snapchat Code

Selena Gomez Snapchat

With hundreds of millions of followers on her social media platforms, Selena Gomez is considered as the #1 social media money bag. A single post from her, according to Dialy Mail, is said worth $550,000….

Christina Aguilera Snapchat Code

Christina Aguilera Snapchat

Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980, and is a well-known American singer, producer, songwriter, and occasional movie actress. Born to parents Jim, a military father of Ecuadorian descent, and Shelly, an Irish…

Gwen Stefani Snapchat Code

Gwen Stefani Snapchat

Like several other celebrities plying their trades on Snapchat, Gwen Stefani is currently cruising through the Snapchat with a bang, thrilling her crawling audience like a superstar that she is. In today’s dynamic world, attempting…

Rihanna Snapchat Code

Rihanna Snapchat

When you consider a 28 artiste boasting of an array of awards amongst which 8 (almighty) Grammy Awards, 8 American Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, winner of the first American Music Awards (2013), 2 BRIT…

Justin Bieber's Snapchat

Justin Bieber Snapchat

A Canadian pop musician, singer, songwriter and actor, Justin Drew Bieber is truly an international sensation. His heartthrob personality and passion for music has made millions of people go crazy about him. Today, Justin Bieber…