Christian Leonard Snapchat

Christian Leonard Snapchat

A few years back if someone told you that people are going to achieve fame and riches by shooting 6-second videos you would recommend them the best-known psychiatrist. But modern social media and unique platforms have ushered in a new era of pop culture with celebrities like Christian Leonard being living examples of it.

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Along with Hunter Harrison and Zach King, Leonard is one of the prominent figures in the social media platform Vine. He was born on 8th of November, 1996 at Rhode Island, the United States as the third son of his family. A younger brother and two elder brothers, Christian is blessed with a happy family.

He started off his career on Vine by showcasing his creative video editing talent. Well, to be specific he charms all the audiences with his captivating magic. It seems that he had been born to be the leader as the young lad was the captain of his school’s volleyball team and also a soccer player.

Currently, he has an overwhelming popularity on various social networks. He commands an army of over a million followers on Vine. Vine has managed to push a lot of creativity and Leonard adds quite a lot to that fuel. With special effects and intuitive editing, he creates illusions in his short entertainment videos.


Christian Leonard uses the hashtag #VineMagic quite a lot and aptly so. Instead of being limited by Vine’s six-second limit Christian utilises the loop quite well and comes up with illustrious “magic” that drops millions of jaws. His talent in VFX is quite astonishing considering he is just shy of legal drinking age. When he started on Vine it took Christian around nine months to gather ten thousand followers, but today he has got over a million of them in his channel with at least 140 million loops on his videos.

The reason for his popularity can be contributed to the seamless illusions that feature in his videos that are unbelievably realistic. Christian had built a great connection with his audiences and his trust in his talent has given him success. His vines have been featured in several news articles which added to his exposure and have brought him commercial success as well. The Vine star also produced promotional vines for huge companies like 7UP and Visa, who are adapting themselves to modern pop culture as the world consumes more online content.

Christian has truly redefined the term ‘magic’ in this era of digitalisation.

Social Media Presence

To be honestly, it is internet and interaction that gave Christian all the required fame. He used vine in a positive way and the internet gifted him popularity. At the initial years, he never guessed that he will be such an internet sensation. In Vine, he has more that 1 million dedicated fans and that was all he needed to make a mark in this world. The handsome young man has 43.3k Twitter followers and 19.9k Instagram followers. He is amusing the world with his magic and also has been addicted to Snapchat.

Christian Leonard’s Snapchat username is imchristianlnrd and he is making use of the app to spread his magic. He has been active in acquiring new fans and by uploading the small cuts of the upcoming magic projects he is focusing on, Christian is gaining numerous ‘wows’. Nothing much is known about is love life but he is constantly telling his fans about his daily hangouts, plans, events and even vacation. He parties a lot and he shares a lot of partying moments in his Snapchat account. The best part is, one gets to know about his collaboration with other stars and also with big brands.

Christian Leonard Snapchat will surely entertain you as his magic is all that you need to make your day.

What is Christian Leonard’s Snapchat Name?

Christian Leonard’s snapchat username – imchristianlnrd.

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