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Snapchat isn’t just all about messaging, stories and video sharing; the app is also getting deployed to bringing joy and excitement to people around the world.
There are growing numbers of comedians coming on Snapchat to share amazing and funny jokes that keep people laughing out their minds. Talk about getting dazed with real time fun without having to bother about entry a fee, that’s Snapchat!
From funny, every day awkward moments; children silly and funny acts; scary but humorous looks enhanced with Snapchat filters to just any story that will keep your teeth open as if you are advertising for a toothpaste company; Snapchat is loaded with special moments that are therapeutic.
Many of Snapchat comedians merely use the Social App to nurture their talents. You know, you don’t have to fear that the work will remain too long out there if it ends up being horrible. Again, it’s just 10-seconds; you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to cook up something impossible.
The biggest part of comedy and jokes on Snapchat is that it serves as a respite from the other popular media. Facebook and Instagram are gradually getting more business-like and serious than satisfying the craving of their growing audience.
If there is one thing I consider the biggest push for Snapchat’s comedy, it’s the huge advantage brought in by the many tools and lenses that aid jokes and endless funny displays.

Sara Silverman Snapchat

Sarah Silverman Snapchat

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Ellen DeGeneres Snapchat

Ellen DeGeneres Snapchat

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