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There are many things working for American DJ, back-up rapper and music star, Khaled Khaled. One of such things is definitely his originality.

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The American celebrity is definitely one of the most famous faces on the social today. Popularly and officially known as DJ Khaled, he’s currently taking the social media, including the Snapchat, by storm.


Khaled Mohammed Khaled was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Palestinian parents on the 26 of November 1975. He is a producer, rapper, DJ, music producer and label executive. His initial stage name, Arab Attack had to be dropped after the infamous 9/11 attacks that left killed 2,996 Americans, injured over 6,000 others.

Several of his albums, starting with his debut album in 2006, Listennn…The Album have had huge successes. His others works are: Suffering from Success, Kiss the Ring, We Global, We the Best and Victory among others. His latest album, Major Key was released in July 2016.

DJ Khaled is currently the president of Def Jam South and also the CEO of We the best Music group. He considered himself a devout Muslim.

Music Career

According to him, his interest in music dated back to his growing days when he was deeply in love with rap and soul music. Luckily for him, his parents, who were also musicians, supported him. He had one of his first music jobs at the popular record store, Odyssey in New Orleans where he met Birdman and Lil Wayne.

After six successful albums since 2006, DJ Khaled was inspired by a condition a doctor referred to as “suffering from Success,” and went ahead to produce an album he titled Suffering from Success in 2013. The album remains one of his most successful albums till date.

In 2013, he publicly proposed to Nicki Minaj on MTV with a diamond ring valued at $500,000. Though he affirmed his seriousness, Minaj told Funkmaster Flex 4 days later that Khalid is a brother and that the proposal wasn’t real. Minaj view on the proposal became more popular with the fans and was eventually considered a publicity stunt after Khaled released a new single titled, I Wanna Be With You the same day Minja granted the interview.

The single featured Minaj and Rick Ross who happens to be Khaled close friend. It seems the move was actually a publicity stunt as it died a natural death despite the huge expectation initially placed on it by the public.
Khaled has worked with several of the top names in the music industry. His albums has featured stars like Rick Ross, who is also his close friend, Dre, Young Jeezy, Wayne Lil, Akon, Lil’ Boosie, Ace Hood and Plies. Others are Kanye West, T-Pain, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Nelly among others.

Non-Music Ventures

Recently, Khaled became the face of “Cirac Mango” and was part of the new episode of Let’s Get It. He has also published a book titled, The Keys which detailed his opinions on success, his adventures from grass to grace and what he called mogul talks. He believes the 2016 publication will encourage his fans and help them see how to work through to fame and success.

Khaled also has a strong passion for plants and lions and a massively positive outlook on life. He believes he’s been favoured by God and, no matter what his ‘haters’ do, he’s headed farther up than he’s currently.

Khaled became a father on 23rd October 2016 when his fiancé gave birth to a baby boy.

Social Media Engagement

Though DJ Khaled has been around for sometimes, he hasn’t been as famous as he turned recently. DJ Khaled has been able to harness the power of the social media to the full as he’s currently being followed by millions of people on his social media platforms.

DJ Khaled's Snapchat Name
DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Name

From sharing important clues about his life, giving his followership a minute by minute updates on the arrival of his baby boy to letting them in to his fears after endangering his life by driving jet ski through the night and getting pull over by the police, Khaled has mastered the act of keeping his social media fans happy and entertained.
His presence on Twitter, Instagram and, especially, the Snapchat is massive. He’s recently being referred to as the King of Snapchat as his daily views run into millions. His Snapchat ID is djkhaled305.

He’s so regular and real on Snapchat that he literarily runs real life events through his Snapchat handle. You won’t be surprised that he even uses his other social media platforms to promote his Snapchat page.

DJ Khaled Snapchat

According to him, his Snapchat successes and fame have been natural and spontaneous because he is “real, sincere and offers” his followers values for their presence on his site.

What is DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Name?

DJ Khaled’s snapchat username is djkhaled305.

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