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Donald Trump is now one of the most trending names across the globe. Yes, we are talking about the US President Elect Donald Trump who will soon be taking over the White House. Love him or hate him, one cannot simply deny his magnificent presence in the social media platforms. The internet is going crazy over the Trump jokes and memes; from celebrities to commoners, everybody has been caught in the craze about Donald Trump. Though he always makes the front page with his controversial comments but it is true that he is one of the most famous and trending personalities these days.

1. About Donald Trump
2. Business Career
3. Presidential Election
4. Personal Life
5. Social Media Presence
6. Donald Trump’s Snapchat Name

About Donald Trump:

Donald John Trump is a famous American politician, TV personality, businessman and he has been elected as the 45th President of United States of America. President Elect Trump will be officially taking over the White House as the President of United States of America on 20th January 2017.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens in New York and spent his childhood as well as teenage there. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics, Donald took over his family’s real estate firm ‘Elizabeth Trump & Son’ which he later renamed as The Trump Organisation.

Business Career

During his much hyped business career, Donald Trump has built, managed and renovated many offices, towers, hotels, casinos and golf courses. Moreover, he has marketed his own name wondrously to gain fame and profit. From towers to packaged drinking waters, Donald Trump has lent his name to endorse various products and has earned huge revenues from them. He had also owned the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants from 1996 to 2015 and had also been a judge in this popular beauty contests. From 2004 to 2015, he has hosted the much famed reality television show The Apprentice on CBS where he popularised his own catchphrase “You’re fired!” to get huge TRP ratings.

Donald Trump has also been listed as the 324th wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of $4.5 billion by the Forbes magazine in early 2016. Trump always has had an on and off relationship with the political world. Over the years his political opinions and status have changed significantly.

Presidential Election

In the Presidential election of the year 2000, Donald Trump got the nomination as the Presidential candidate from the Reform Party but he withdrew his nomination before the voting began. Again prior to the 2012 election, he considered running as a candidate of the Republican Party, but he ultimately backed off. Finally, in 2015 he announced his candidacy for the 2016 election and quickly rose to the top 17 contenders for the presidential candidate. He was at last chosen as the official candidate for the Republican Party in July 2016. His campaign as the candidate procured huge media attention in the US as well as across the world. Moreover, the statements that he issued during his campaign created controversies and his statements became one of the best running jokes in the social media platforms.

He proposed policies like building a wall along the US – Mexico border and to enforce the immigration laws thereby forcing the illegal immigrants out of the US during his campaign. These policies were greatly criticised by most of the people and his opposition to the climate change was also considered as a global threat by many activists. Moreover, the issues and figures that Donald Trump used to promote his campaign were generally false and unrealistic. Regardless the perception of most of the people, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of United States of America on November 8, 2016, by beating the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. On assuming the office, he will become the oldest as well as the wealthiest President in the history of United States.

Personal Life:

Like his political and business life, the personal life of Donald Trump is also full of controversies. Donald Trump has fathered five children from his three marriages and also has eight grand children. The first two marriages of Donald Trump were concluded by divorce and they were highly publicised by the media. Trump married Ivana Zelníčková, a Czech model on 7th April 1977 in a private ceremony in Manhattan. With Ivana, he fathered three children, sons Donald Jr, and Eric and daughter Ivanka, who are currently the executive vice presidents of the Trump Organisation. In 1990, Donald separated from Ivana officially. Trump married his second wife actress Marla Maples and the couple also gave birth to Tiffany Trump. But the marriage also ended in divorce in June 1999. In 1998, Donald Trump started dating his current and third wife Melania Knauss, a Slovenian model. They officially married in 2005 and Melania mothered youngest son of Donald, Barron Trump.

Social Media Presence:

Like all other famous personalities, Donald Trump also chooses the social platforms to communicate with his fellow followers. With a humongous numbers of followers, Donald Trump is currently one of the top business icon turned politician. In Twitter, he has 19.8 million followers, almost 18 million followers on Facebook and 4.7 million followers on Instagram.

The US President Trump is also active in the Snapchat. Not only active but also contributed to a Snapchat filter prior to the elections in the US. Snapchat has played a significant role in his success. Donald Trump has reached out to his followers through his social media accounts and he surely bagged some votes by delivering his ideas and perspectives in this public forum.

The Donald Trump Snapchat name is realdonaldtrump. The interested users can follow Donald Trump on Snapchat just by adding him. This renowned personality not only promotes his political interests and updates about the latest happening in the national or international events but also uses it to exhibit his lavish lifestyle.

He also brought in a controversy during the elections for paying for launching a Snapchat geo-filter during the Presidential debate. “Donald J. Trump vs. Crooked Hillary” was the filter which had almost 80 million views and it is estimated that Trump paid a lump-sum in six figures. However, the matter is over with Trump winning the election but you can still keep up with the current president by watching every single step he takes.

Trump promotes his luxurious business as well as his tour and works as a President in his Snapchat. He is also open about his personal life and freely shares clips, videos, photos or fun photos of his family, children and friends. Trump uses Snapchat for establishing belief for him in the minds of the worldwide people and also to manifest his extravagant daily life.

Go ahead and follow Donald Trump to acquire all the latest news related to the US President.

Donald Trump Snapchat Name
Donald Trump Snapchat Name

What is Donald Trump’s Snapchat Name?

Donald Trump’s snapchat username is realdonaldtrump.

Note: The account of Snapchat realdonaldtrump is not yet verified by Snapchat. Add at your own risk.

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