Meet Geeohsnap, The Snapchat Artist Who Shares Candid Snaps of Random People

Meet Geeohsnap, The Snapchat Artist Who Shares Candid Snaps of Random People (2)

Snapchat is a very effective means of communication, either to send photos (wink, wink) or just messages with greetings and notices that you are going to be late; however, it can also be a tool to create beautiful and funny illustrations. An example of this is the Instagram account of Geeohsnap, a talented boy who turns to see his daily life and transforms it with a couple of strokes and sharp phrases.

Who uses Snapchat? Many will think that only American teenagers use it to send sex pictures. Maybe, in the beginning, it was like this, but now Snapchat has become a media platform with options like Discover where you can see certain media publications that have agreements with the social network as well as several influential and creative people who are making proposals interesting through this tool.

This time, I would like to talk about an account that is worth following in Snapchat that puts up public stories that can be seen by any follower, who are alive during the 24 hours from the moment in which they are published.

Meet Geeohsnap, The Snapchat Artist Who Shares Candid Snaps of Random People (2)


Geeohsnap is one of my favorites and has been an inspiration in several snaps I take. This guy, who I think is from Norway, plays with everyday images and turns them into scenes full of monsters, bears, penguins or interesting characters. He has an incredible ability to draw with which he achieves that wave of augmented reality. He goes by drawing and although he uploads tutorials to YouTube on how to paint with watercolor or things like that, Snapchat is dedicated to showing his creative process.

He is a guy who is completely crazy. He has a style that is similar to that of a lot of other artists but in a more ‘haphazard’ way. He keeps telling stories about all the places he visits, as well as contests where he interacts with all his followers. He makes snaps that combine photos and very creative drawings. Every time I see one of these ‘works of art’, I wonder how long it took to design the whole scene, especially for something that lasts for as short a time period as 24 hours. But hey, this is the grace of the social network.

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Geeohsnap is for many, one of the most popular and original individuals in this social network. He uses many everyday images to make them scenes full of all kinds of drawings; Monsters, animals or any character you can think of.

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Meet Geeohsnap, The Snapchat Artist Who Shares Candid Snaps of Random People (2)

Geeohsnap (as he is called in Instagram) takes pictures of people who do not have the slightest suspicion that he is doing it and draws on them using Snapchat. Many of his creations are made while going to work or on public transport. Usually, Geeoh makes several sketches and then chooses his favorite.

I really enjoy creating these drawings because I must think in a different way, besides; I love the simplicity of Snapchat. Another reason why I create these drawings is because I like to see people smile. This is what Geeoh thinks and believes in.

Snapchat has become the most popular social network among young people, which has caused artists to turn their works on the platform to show their talent. Geeohsnap combines a bit of the morbid elements and a bit of voyeurism with incredible and unexpected drawings to create masterpieces. The most interesting thing is to see how the people that appear in the snaps of this account do not know that they are being photographed secretly.

Open your eyes the next time you go out because you never know who is watching you.
This young Norwegian does not think twice and takes photographs of unsuspecting people, edits and intervenes with animals or funny phrases to give them a more picturesque touch.

Meals, animals, houses, sheep, and the Frog René are some of the characters that can be seen on his website. For him, the images themselves are quite boring for many people, so they simply become something that can be ignored.

Meet Geeohsnap, The Snapchat Artist Who Shares Candid Snaps of Random People (2)

Geeohsnap is, without a doubt, a great artist in today’s time. He has achieved this level of popularity and fame all on his own through his amazing pieces of art and sketches from pictures he takes from the daily routine and monotonous activities and putting his spin on it. They are sometimes morbid, sometimes amazing, sometimes humorous but always spectacular. He has countless followers today because of his amazing pictures. Sometimes, people wonder how much time it takes for this Snapchat artist to create these wonderful pieces of art and what the use is even when they get disappeared after a period of 24-hours.

The use is that it shows his immense dedication and passion towards something that he loves to do and it simply marvelous the depth with which we feel every single picture and snap of his. His snaps are not only a work of art but elevated to another level altogether and bring a smile on everybody’s face that sees it for the first time.
Geeohsnap is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best artists on Snapchat of all times!

What is Geir Ove Pedersen’s Snapchat Name?

Geir Ove Pedersen’s snapchat username is geeohsnap.


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