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Like several other celebrities plying their trades on Snapchat, Gwen Stefani is currently cruising through the Snapchat with a bang, thrilling her crawling audience like a superstar that she is.

In today’s dynamic world, attempting to thrive in the entertainment industry without a clearly spelt out strategy to relate with your fans is extremely imprudent. Beyond classic, fascinating displays, taking control of your fans’ base has taken the front burner. Depending on weekly or monthly on-stage performances only to wait till the next show is gradually becoming obsolete.

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Today, the entertainment industry has completely moved from such stringent, traditional approach. There are just too many alternatives for the fans: competitors are desperately on alert to take advantage of your laxity and your surest option is to take control of your bit every moment of the way.

Fortunately, taking charge of your fans base has been largely simplified of late. With the right strategies, the social media have continuously proven to be the Midas’ touch in this aspect. Some of the most popular of the social platforms currently being used by celebrities world-over are; Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These social pages boast of hundreds of high-flying celebrities with billions of followers trooping in to catch glimpses of their music idols and celebrities. Sometimes, they literarily glide along with them through captivating pictures and shows.

Gwen Stefani Snapchat

Biography of Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is an artiste, actress, songwriter and a fashion designer with a breathtaking social media presence. Born in Fullerton, California on October 3rd, 1969 to Dennis and Patti Stefani, Gwen got her initial attraction to music through her parents’ love for folk music and through elder brother, Eric. While she was growing up, Eric started a music band, No Doubt with John Spence as the lead singer. Gwen Stefani became a part of the group as a second vocalist while Spence was still part of the group until his demise in 1987.

Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani didn’t come to limelight until she took over as the lead singer, in place of Spence and cut a place for herself in the 1990s. From then, the band began to experience speedy growth and wowed their audiences across cities and towns. Specifically, No Doubt became a foremost band with their work, Tragic Kingdom in 1995. Some of their works that also blazed the trail then include Just a Girl, a hit single tailored at addressing and exposing the ills of sexism.

At this time, Gwen has also become a household name thereby giving her the much-needed fame to thrive as a fashion icon besides being a music star. Gwen was deeply involved in fashion having been exposed to sewing earlier in life by her mother. So, when she ventured fully into the fashion business, her growing music career brilliantly rubbed-off on the clothing brand, L. A. M. B (Love Angel Music & Baby) giving her an immediate success in the industry.


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Eventually, Gwen Stefani parted way with the band, No Doubt in the early 2000s to run her own solo music career. But it didn’t turn out as precisely as she envisaged, leading to her returned to the group in 2012. Her return to the group also led to Eric’s return and cumulated to the birth of a new album, Push and Shove same year. About two years later, she tried her hands on new venture in 2014 when she joined the popular reality show, The Voice as a judge standing in for Christina Aguilera who was going on a maternity. Several of her moves were posted on her Gwen’s Snapchat to the delight of her fans.

Gwen’s most successful years were during early 2000 till later into the first decade of the millennium. She won her first Grammy Award with Eve in 2001 and was also awarded the best Rap Collaboration. Also in 2001 and 2002, her group, No Doubt won two Grammy Awards for their album, Rock Steady. Some of the popular music stars she’d worked with are Akon, Dr Dre, Dallas Austin, Tony Kanal and Linda Perry. Her debut movie, The Aviator which also launched her sex symbol role and starred Leonardo DiCaprio was also released in 2004.

Gwen Stefani on Snapchat
Gwen Stefani on Snapchat


One thing special about Gwen is her personal styles and emotional lyrics. These ensured that she was unique and stood out in her works. Several of her music is a reflection of her deep, personal experiences, her pains and joy. On a couple of times, she fell back on her failed relationship to get insights and materials for her works.
Some of the music with these underlying inputs was Don’t Speak, from the studio album Tragic Kingdom; Spiderwebs and Excuse Me Sir. Also, she expressed her deep pains from breakups in Ex-Girlfriend and spiced the group’s album, Return of Saturn with a lot of materials from personal experiences.

Gwen is so expressive of her personal feelings that it affected even her outlook. Once, while speaking with Marie Claire Magazine, she said her popular white-blonde locks came about as a response to her breakup with Gavin Rossdale. Although they later got back together, the hairstyle remained a part of her brand identity till date. Taking advantage of her life’s experiences to excite her fans is one thing you can’t take away from Stefani.
She eventually divorced Gavin Rossdale in 2015 after about 13 years of marriage that produced three children, all boys. Surprisingly, her music career began come alive after then. She also picked up her life with her new boyfriend, Blake Shelton.

Till date, Gwen Stefani has continued to blossom on social media using Gwen Stefani’s Snapchat and other social media platforms to thrill her fans. This is underscored in how deeply she has used Gwen Stefani’s Snapchat since her return. After years of relative silence, her return on Gwen Stefani’s Snapchat and recent posts that took them through every moment of her 27-dates comeback concert tour that ended in October 2016 has greatly thrilled her fans.

She used the Gwen Stefani Snapchat to show her crew members, the dressing rooms, her long time boyfriend and country singer, Blake Shelton. She also posted pictures of their many journeys through the tour and a couple of other personal activities during the Massachusetts’ tour. Her fascination with Gwen’s Snapchat is so strong that it was rumoured that Blake felt she’s taking too much of their relationship to the social media and feeding them to her fans.


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Not that he can stop her, though, or that he’s planning to because Gwen is deliberately obsessed with the Snapchat. Recently, she hinted the reason behind such obsession during an interview with LinkedIn, “I think people feel real good about tapping into everybody’s life (through social media) and there is something comforting about that,” she said.

Gwen Stefani doesn’t seem to have fully taken back her place in the music and celebrity world but it is clear she’s determined to. Her growing romantic relationship with Blake, her massive presence on Gwen’s Snapchat and other social media and exhilarating performances are stronger pointers to that.

What is Gwen Stefani’s Snapchat?

Gwen Stefani’s snapchat username is itsgwenstefani.

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