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Born on the 8th of June 2000, Benjamin Hayes Grier is the third child in an American family of four. His other siblings are two older brothers, Will and Nash and a younger sister called Skylynn. His father, Chad is a football coach while his mother’s name is Elizabeth.

While Hayes Grier became popular for his comedy sketches on the defunct 6-second video sharing app, Vine, his brothers, Will and Nash are quarterback for West Virginia University and Vine’s video posting thrills respectively. Hayes is also very vast on Youtube and Snapchat.

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His younger sister, Skylum has featured severally in his videos.

More precisely, the birth of his fame dated back to when he posted his brother’s, Nash, video on a rooftop. The video was retweeted by Tiffiny Semashko landing the two brothers on Vine’s fame.

One more thing about him, Hayes is very passionate about pets, especially his dog.


Though Hayes had his birth in fame through Vine’s 6-second video app, he has since been involved in a couple of other activities and businesses. In 2014, he launched a clothing line with his brother, Nash, and Cameron Dallas.

He featured as a celebrity contestant on the 21st season of the famous show, Dancing With The Stars. As at the time of the show, Hayes was the youngest male contestant to have ever been on the show. He left the show on the 7th week taking the 8th position on the show and earning endless praises and encomiums.

After the show, he signed a deal with Creative Artist Agency where he was deal-in on media and publishing.


It seemed 2016 was a year of real side issues for Hayes. In 2016, Hayes became furious and went online calling out DigiTour for leaving him out of their tour, The Wave Latin America Tour. Obviously, DigiTour sponsored the tour.

He, however, mentioned that he’s taking things cool only because his brother was on the tour.

Also, he ended up in an accident the same year during a dirt bike in 2016 and had to be on the hospital bed for two days. After the crash in July, Hayes recovered and came up with his maiden novel titled, Hollywood Days with Hayes.

Though he sustained some injuries including a couple of bruises and broken ribs, he managed to avoid any major trouble or internal bleeding. However, while some of the fans went all out praying for him to get better, a couple of his haters decided to roll out the drums; quite petty.

In March 2016, he had a Twitter bust-up with the former girlfriend, Jordan Griffis. As it turned out, Jordan started it all with a Tweet saying she felt bad Hayes hung out with Justin.

Somehow, Hayes stumbled on it and decided that he won’t take the nonsense. Needless to say, fans helped to get the fire coming out real hot and kept the fight on.

The same year, Hayes got busted as he had his secret Tweeter account exposed. That got back at him.

The thing is, he mistakenly linked the account with his e-mail and some fans didn’t think waiting for clarity before following the account is necessary.

Social Media and Snapchat

From Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat, Hayes Grier commands a massive presence on almost all the social media pages. Hayes boast of millions of followers and followers across his social media pages.

If you are interested in following him on Snapchat, Hayes Grier’s Snapchat name is @HayesGrier.

What is Hayes Grier’s Snapchat Name?

Hayes Grier’s snapchat username – HayesGrier.

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