Snapchat has become popular as a social media art form. It helps to stay in touch with family with your latest duck-faced selfies. Snapchat allows the users to send personal or private pictures of them which may be ugly, funny or any other. So without any doubt, we can say that everyone wants to protect their snapchat artistry. However, the developers of snapchat built a system that notifies the sender whenever another person takes a screenshot. Snapchat Photography, is pleased to provide a full guide of how to save snapchats.

1. Snapchat Screen Shots

  • 1.1 Save your Snapchats
  • 1.2 Save other person’s Snapchats

2. Different Ways to Save the Data Without Sender Knowledge

  • 2.1 Data Recovery Plan
  • 2.2 Save Snapchat Photos in Flight Mode

3. How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

  • 3.1 Sneakaboo
  • 3.2 SnapBox
  • 3.3 Snapchat Saver
  • 3.4 SnapCrack
  • 3.5 SaveMySnaps
  • 3.6 SnapSave
  • 3.7 Casper
  • 3.8 ScreenFlow
  • 3.9 AZ Screen Recorder

4. Save Snapchat Snaps by Connecting To Your Computer
5. Recording Videos in Snapchat

  • 5.1 iPad Recorder
  • 5.2 Apowersoft Android Recorder

6. Snaphat SavePic
7. Snapchat Memories

Snapchat app like every app lets you share photos and videos with your friends. You may think that there are lots of other apps that do the same thing. Then what is the unique thing about snapchat?

Snapchat comes with a special feature that is it lets users share messages that get expired after a short time. The snaps shared by friends or celebs get expired after a maximum of 10 seconds. It can be termed as ephemeral messages. This ability made it famous around the world, and this is the fact that most of the celebrities love about snapchat.

Saving snapshots are easier than you think. We are presenting you how to capture and save your snaps from snapchat.


The first method to save snapchat is by taking screen shots. But this approach is only applicable for photos not for capturing videos.


Open snapchat from your mobile and take a new snap. You can also open the one you have saved earlier. Then tap the download button which appears at the bottom left of the screen. It is an open box where a downward facing arrow is seen.

A message will be seen at the bottom of the screen which lets you know that your snap is saved. Or helps you to know the picture is saved on the Android gallery of mobile.


Launch snapchat from app drawer and go to your chat page. Then open the snap and take a screenshot of the image which you want to save.

Maybe the method of taking screenshots vary from phone to phone. But it is a natural comb of the volume and power button.

Whenever you take a screenshot of photo or video of other people’s snapchat, then it will automatically inform the person that you have saved their snapchat. The another person receives this via a notification and a screenshot icon.

To get unnoticed by other people, some try to use other screen recorders to save snapchats, while others try to use a different phone altogether to take photos of other’s snapchats.

Even if you try to delay the notification that is sent to other people, by turning of Wi – Fi or mobile data but nothing works. The person will eventually get the information that you have saved.


1. One of the easiest and quick ways to save snaps in snapchats is by taking a picture with a camera. It is a little bit tricky as it needs someone to press and hold to view the snap.

2. Data Recovery Plan:
As we know that every snap or video is stored locally on your phone. Data Recovery software which is used when our information is lost or when something is accidentally deleted. Use the same method here after viewing and destroying the snaps.

3. Save Snapchat Photos in Flight Mode (Sender Doesn’t Know)
It is little cumbersome as it involves setting your phone in flight or airplane mode. If everything is done properly, then the sender will not get notified that you have taken a screenshot of their snap.

First of all, it should be a snap, not a video you want to take a screenshot. Without closing the app, just swipe up the bottom in iOS or swipe down the top of your Android phone to open the control center. There you will see icons like an airplane at the left corner. Tap it to switch ON the flight mode.

If the flight mode is activated, then it means the network and communication features are OFF. Now it’s time to open the snap and take a screen shot before the time expires.

After that, log out of your snapchat account. Go to your home screen and tap on the snapchat icon which is at the top of the screen. It will bring the profile screen and tap on the gear icon which lands you in snapchat settings. As you are in flight mode, you may not be able to log out but tap on the logout link anyhow.

Finally, close the snapchat by double-press on the home button and which will display all the apps that are currently running and then close the snapchat app. Now turn off the flight mode on your phone and switch on your Wi-Fi. Then open snapchat and log in back. Now you find the snap that you have taken a screenshot as unopened, and this means the sender will not get any notification.

But some users reported that this method does not work in phones such as iPhone 6S.


Third-party apps

The ideal way to save snaps without letting the recipient knowing is by using Third party apps. When the app is first released, some third party apps flooded the app store, and some even gave an option not to mark the photos as read.

In October 2014 the Snapchat made a decision to increase the security level, and as a result, Snapchat hacks back exposed nearly 200,000 photos from the service. It killed many third party apps. But few other apps are still working to save snaps, videos and stories in Snapchat.


Formally known as Snap hack, it is an iOS app which is free, but it works on a coin system. When installed on your mobile, you will receive a bunch of coins which can be spent to save snaps and videos. But when the coins get completed, you have to pay money to get more coins which enable to save images in snapchat.

Download: iOS


It is an App for iOS devices which helps in downloading snapchat photos and videos. When you receive a snap, just open the SnapBox and log in with your snapchat user id and password. And all your snaps get saved permanently.

Download: iOS


Android is a popular platform and used by a huge number of people. Snapchat Saver is a popular app what works in Android phones and enables to save your received messages. It lets you save photos, and it’s stories and also video stories. Remember to save the snaps before opening them on the main platform snapchat.

Download: Android


It comes with a great functionality as it combines all the apps. Along with saving photos, videos and stories in an iOS, it also gives the option to send snaps from the photo album. The paid version is available for $4.99 to access more premium features.

Download: iOS


As the name itself says it lets you download the snaps along with viewing. It works on Android devices. The only thing is not to view the snap before saving them in SaveMySnaps app.

Download: Android


It is available for iOS devices, and it is all in one APP. This app can be said as a replacement for snapchat as it has all the feature of a snapchat. You can save and also send snaps to your friends through SnapSave.

Download: Android | iOS


It originated from the creator of SaveMySnaps app. It is amazing compared to any other app as it has a wide variety of features. The functionalities of this app include saving photos, videos, stories, adding stickers, filters and much more. But it is only available for Android users.

Download: Android


It is an app which enables you to record your mobile screen. Screen Flow helps to edit the videos which save time while compared to QuickTime.

Download: iOS


AZ Screen Recorder is designed to record your screen when you open an app. It is mainly built for capturing videos of game plays. It also works for recording snapchats.

Download: Android

It is suggested for every app that snaps should be unopened before saving them.


For Android Users:
You can check file managing software’s like iFunBox to save photos. Open the files on your phone when it is connected to the computer. After a proper research, you can see the find the temporary snaps on your mobile phone. Then it’s time to download them and save to your computer. But this method is only applicable if the snaps are not opened before.

For iPhone and Mac users:
The important thing to remember while keeping snaps connecting to a computer is not to open them before saving. Because once opened gets deleted from your mobile. The secret is to record your iphone as a movie on your PC and save that file in Computer. Now connect your iphone to the Mac device and click on File and select New Movie Recording.

QuickTime Player will get opened in your Mac’s Camera as it is a default recording device. Now we want to use the iphone as the recording device rather than Mac’s camera. For changing the settings, tap on the little downward arrow icon next to the QuickTime Screen. If the settings are perfect, then you can find every movement on your iPhone appearing in the Quick time screen of your system. Now it’s time to open your Snapchat and go to inbox.

On the other hand, click on the record button in computer and starts recording everything that is viewed on an iPhone. As we want to save our snaps, open them and it’s gets recorded in Mac computer. After finishing the recording of photos, click on stop recording option in Record Button. Now go to Files and save them with a specific name. It can be viewed in any movie player. This method enables to keep everything including videos and stories. If needed you can edit the video into smaller pieces, or you can take the screen shot of photos.


1. iPad Recorder
If you want to save videos in Snapchat, then you can use iPad or iPhone then use iPhone Recorder. It lets you a chance to mirror your iPhone screen in the PC and record any activities that are done on a iOS device along with audio.

2. Apowersoft Android Recorder
For Android devices, you can use the Apowersoft recorder which enables you to record HD videos, screenshots and real time snaps and much more.


It is just similar to the snapchat official app. This app functions the same way to the original snapchat app. The icon is also similar but looks like a spitting image of the ghost icon. The view screen is a bit different from the Snapchat. The differences you find here are a troll face and download button. When you press the troll face, it indicates the sender that you have viewed their snap. The download button as we all know lets you save the snap. But if you want to see the snap in the official snapchat then the pic cannot be retrieved or stored in this app, it ultimately gets lost.


Recently the Snapchat team has announced a new feature named as Memories which lets you keep your snaps and stories. Snapchat Memories are a personalized album with snaps and stories from your favorite collection. These memories can be accessed with just one swipe on the camera home screen.

It enables to save the snaps within the app which made everyone’s work easier. Thus, private shots can be kept safe, and you can share them whenever you want. A new feature is added to Snapchat memories that the backup is saved in Google’s reliable App Engine Cloud securely. It means even if you lose your phone, you’ll still be able to access your saved snaps when you log in to the app.

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