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How to Start Using Snapchat
Using snapchat, you can add friends, accept a friend request, create and send snaps, and try out the most wonderful special effects through lenses. Get started with the basics.
1. How to add friends through snapchat?
a. At first, you capture your friend’s snapcode, and using this, you open the application
b. Then, tap on the ghost icon
c. Move to “Add Friends” and then select by the snapcode. If you know the username, you can also add by it.
d. Finally, add your friend’s snapcode by selecting the snapcode photo from the album. You can also scan snapcodes from the snapchat application.

2. How will you accept a friend request?
a. First, open the snapchat application, and you can see a yellow ghost icon, if someone has added you. Tap on the icon.
b. Go to your profile screen and select “Added me”
c. At last, you confirm your friendship by tapping the “+” sign, just next to their name, to add them back.

3. How to create and send snaps?
a. You can take a picture by tapping on the round button at the bottom of screen. Hold this button for a video recording. You can see a red marker, which will indicate that the video is being recorded.
b. Special effects like stickers, caption, doodle, geo-filters and filters help you to enhance your photos and videos. You can find these options at the top of your screen, and enhance your created snaps.

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