Born on the 26 of December 1971, about 46 years ago, Jared Joseph Leto became famous for his brilliant role as Jordan Catalano in the series, My So-called Life. He is an American actor, songwriter, singer and a director.

Jared Leto was born in Bossier City, Louisiana and is based in California, USA. His parents divorced while he was a child after which his mother, Constance Leto remarried to Leto where Jared got his surname. He spent most of his growing days with his maternal grandparents, Ruby and William Metrejon. He also has two younger step-brothers.

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His biological father also remarried but committed suicide when Jared Leto was just eight.


While growing up, his mother encouraged him and the family to get involved with arts leading to the birth of his journey into music and arts with his first musical instrument being a worn-out piano.

Though Jared Leto dropped out of the school in the 10th grade, he managed to re-enroll for private classes at the Emerson Preparatory School in Washington. He later joined the University of the Arts, Philadelphia but got transferred to the School of Visual Arts, NYC to pursue a dream in film-making.

Leto was at the school when he wrote and acted in his first work, “Crying Joy.”


Jared Leto career dated back to when he was in school but he only became famous for his role in the 1994 series My So-Called Life. The work was, however, stopped despite the fact that it received strong and positive reviews. After his successful cast in My So-Called Life, he had his first string in films through the 1995 American drama, How to Make an American Quit. He followed this up with a well-celebrated performance in Prefontaine where he cast the character of Steve Prefontaine. After Prefontaine in 1997, Jared Leto also had non-major roles in The Thin Red LineFight Club and American Psycho in 1998, 1999 and 2000 respectively.

He’s believed to be devoted to his work to the extent that he undergoes so many training and study, which are sometimes detrimental to his health, before taking doing his jobs. A good example is how he carefully blended into the character, look and style of Prefontaine in 1997.


In the year 2000, Jared Leto also had another success on the stage when he cast Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream. Other works he has been involved in were Panic Room in 2002, Alexander in 2004, Lord of War staged in 2005, followed by Lonely Hearts in 2006, Chapter 27 in 2007 and Mr Nobody in 2009.

In 2013, Jared Leto bagged an Academy Award; a Golden Award and also had the Screen Actors Guild Award for his work in Dallas Buyers Club as a transgender woman. His performance in the work sets a number of positive reviews running through the news.

The band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, which he co-formed with his brother, Shannon Leto, in 1998 is said to have sold over 15 million albums as at 2014. After their first album, 30 Seconds to Mars in 2002, they released other works like A Beautiful Lie in 2005 followed by This is War and Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams in 2009 and 2013 respectively.



Apart from acting, music and on-the-screen activities, Jared Leto has also been involved in a lot of businesses and career. He’s managed some other business enterprises, openly supported political causes, engaged in philanthropist works among other involvements.

He started a social media and digital marketing outfit, The Hive, in the 2000s. He’s also the CEO of Adventure In Wonderland formerly known as The One and Only Golden Tickets.

Jared Leto also started the VyRT, a live video streaming service created in 2011.



Jared Leto is not just a popular figure on the social media; he deploys them for his businesses and to run the deals of his many clients.

His Facebook has close to 6 million fans as at the last week of May (2017), and you will easily feel his signature all over the page.

Expectedly, his Instagram has 9.7 million followers, and there are close to 4 million fans on his Twitter page. It will be difficult for you to argue about the fact that he is grounded on the social media.

His simple and interactive Snapchat page is hosted @jaredleto. His photos are frequently worked on with drawings and marks that suggest his baby may have hacked his page.

Get on with Jared Leto Snapchat moves and gist @jaredleto and catch all the fun you want.

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