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Jay Alvarez Snapchat

Javid David Alvarez Fernandez popularly called Puerto Rican was born on the 13th December 1983 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Jay Alvarrez is a music producer, model and a famous social media star. Alvarez has a massive number of followers on Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Before Alvarez became famous, he has tried his hands photography and a couple of other creative ventures.

1. Career and Relationship
2. Music Career
3. Social Media
4. Jay Alvarez’s Snapchat Name

His parents came from the Dominican Republic. Jay’s interest in music dated back to his childhood time. He started developing a strong love for music from his preteen age and listened to many artistes like Tego Calderon. Alvarez had his first song, “Lo Que Ella Trae” before his classmates and teachers at the age of 12.

Fortunately for him, he met with Dj Nelson, through his cousin and the two started working together. This gave a huge direction and perspective to his music career. In 2009, Alvarez was signed to Flow Music and came out with him debut music, El Dueno Del Sistema later in the year.

He’s been in a relationship with Alexis Ren and the two have explored the relationship to grow a love brand that is getting even bigger every day.

Jay Alvarez Snapchats
Jay Alvarez Snapchats

Career and Relationship

It is safe to say for Jay Alvarez, career and relationship are strongly interwoven. Considering that Jay Alvarez has created a stunning brand and identity with his relationship with his girlfriend, Aexis Ren. It is, therefore, safe to say his career and relationship have worked together over the year to land him fame and wealth.

The two young models have over the years so seamlessly explored their relationship to grow supports and drive public engagement and following. As at the last count, they both boast of over ten million Instagram followers on pages apart.

The “love and couple” brand has grown so well that many highbrow companies are on their heels for partnership and collaboration. Consider the mileage that such loyal and emotional followers in large number could bring on any brand and you will understand the attraction from the industry.

However, it does appear that the two of them are recently falling apart. Though they have not officially admitted this, it’s easy to reach such conclusions from their recent coldness, lack of public functions together and, of course, the suggestive posts and Tweets.

Javid David Alvarez Fernandez
Javid David Alvarez Fernandez

Check out of the Tweets that are believed to be letting out the cats out of the bag.

On August 18, 2016, Alexis came up with the post below without amidst questions on why they haven’t been having public functions together.

I am too full of life to be half loved @AlexisRenG

Jay Alvarez on Snapchat
Jay Alvarez on Snapchat

That was followed with another similar and suggestive post from her less than a week later. The Tweet below came on her Tweeter page on the 23rd August 2017.

Done with your shit @AlexisRenG

Incidentally (Or should we say coincidentally?), two days later, Jay Alvarez had something that looked the response to Alexis previous ‘beefing’ Tweets posted on his page also.

Everyone is freaking out over my relationship and my life, and I’m just sitting back drinking a cappuccino.

Combined with the sudden lack of shows from the brand that has been known to soar together, these Tweets are good reasons to suggest that Jay and Alexis are done being together. But then, none of these could replace an official statement from them on the status of their relationship. Many fans believe that the two owe their followers an official statement having let them into every step of their ‘profitable’ relationship.

Jay Alvarez in Melrose Avenue
Jay Alvarez in Melrose Avenue

Music Career

After his first music in 2009 titled El Dueno Del Sistema, Jay Alvarez went ahead and followed it up with the second, Otro Nivel De Musica on May 1, 2012. The album featured his popular hit single, “La Pregunta.” It also became so successful that it went on to get nominated for the Best Urban Music Album at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards.

Jay Alvarez continued with his exploits in music as he released the third album about three years later. The work titled De Camino Pa’ La Cima came out in 2015. The work gained a huge acceptance in the industry as it debuted at #2 on the Top of Latin Album just the second week. Some of the brands featured in the album were Mackie, Zion, and Daddy Yankee.

Lastly, Jay Alvarez also had an album titled Big Yauran in 2016.

Jay Alvarez in Dubai
Jay Alvarez in Dubai

Social Media

Jay Alvarez is very famous on the social media with his followers running into millions. His love life, music, youthfulness, vibes and energy are some of the strong pulls that have kept him ruling on the social media platform over the years.

He has strong and dynamic social media platforms such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube that have been deployed to promote his brand and works over the year. And, what you can be sure of is that, he is doing very well on all of them.

Jay Alvarez in the forrest of south east Asia
Jay Alvarez in the forrest of south east Asia

Added to this, he also boasts of a very active and rich YouTube page, which has been heavily deployed to push his music, in his name. You are guaranteed a consistent and entertaining experience on this bit.

Lastly, you don’t want to miss the fun on Jay Alvarez’s Snapchat. He practically translates his energy, creativity and fun into his Snapchat page. Watch him use the many creative tools on Snapchat like only a few of other celebrity could do.

Jay Alvarez
Jay Alvarez

If you are ready for fun, I suggest you get on board Jay Alvarez Snapchat page – @Jayalvarez. You will never have a boring moment.

What is Jay Alvarez’s Snapchat Name?

Jay Alvarez’s snapchat username is Jayalvarez.

Jay Alvarez's Snapchats
Jay Alvarez’s Snapchats

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