Nate Diaz Snapchat

Nate Diaz Snapchat

Nathan Danald Diaz is an American professional mixed martial artist born and raised in Stockton, California. He attended Tokay High School and started, with his elder brother, Nick Diaz, his long and luxurious journey into the world of martial arts at the age of 14.

Nate Diaz was born on the 16th April 1985, won The Ultimate Fighter 5 and is currently in for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC. He fights on the lightweight and welterweight. Before joining the UFC, he has competed in World Extreme Cagefighting, Strikeforce, and Pancrase.
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For Diaz, fighting in the rings isn’t about sport, it is a fight. And, he gets ugly; he gets real and throws in everything he’s got. That probably makes fighting with him difficult, you might say. But fighting, to Nate, isn’t going to be a piece of cake anyway. That’s exactly Nate Diaz views to the game and it underscores how he handles the game.
Nate Diaz
He ended 2016 as the #5 in the UFC lightweight rankings.


Diaz started his professional fighting career at WEC12 in 2004. During the fight, he silenced Alejandro Garcia through an arm-triangle choke submission. He also fought with Hermes Franca, the seating WEC Lightweight Champion in 2006 at the WEC 24 and lost by submission in the second round.

He went on to win The Ultimate Fighter 5 in June 2007. The fights feature only lightweights and Diaz fought on Jens Pulver’s team. Along the way to becoming the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 5, Diaz defeated Rob Emerson by submission, Corey Hill through triangle choke submission, Gray Maynard by submission and, finally, Manvel Gamburyan in the final.

Though he lost the first round at the final, he recovered just in time to claim the title. Gamburyan was forced to give up after he dislocated his right shoulder giving Diaz a win by submission.

Diaz eventually went on to demand tougher fights after defeating Alvin and Junior Assuncao also by submission. In response, he was given a match with Kurt Pellegrino which he won through triangle choke submission. After his UFC Fight Night 13 victory against Pellegrino, he also went on to defeat a more experienced Josh Neer at UFC Fight Night 15.

In 2009, he eventually lost to the former Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Clay Guida through a split decision. Clay Guida took advantage of his wrestling skills to outwit Diaz leaving him at the end of his skills many times. That turned out Diaz’s first defeat in the UFC.

Again, Joe Stevenson’s wrestling came in handy when Diaz fought him at The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale. Stevenson deployed his experience as the former King of the Cage Welterweight Champion and an Ultimate Fighter winner to outsmart Diaz through the fight. Expectedly, Diaz lost by unanimous decision.

Diaz, however, bounced back after those two lost and showed a lot of skills, resilience and hard work to defeat Melvin Guillard in UFC Fight Night 19. Guillard tapped out giving Diaz the fight at 2:30 of round 2.

In 2010, he had a rematch with Gray Maynard who lost to Diaz in the semi-finals of the TUF 5 lightweight fight mentioned earlier. Diaz lost through a split decision that was considered by many as controversial. Gray Maynard was awarded two of the three rounds in the fight.

Following the loss, Diaz went on to have his debut at the Welterweight on the 27th March 2010 at UFC 111. He fought against Roy Markham and came out the winner. After the fight with Markham, Diaz won a fight of the night honours on 28th August 2010 against Marcus Davis at the UFC 118. The exciting went on to the final round until Diaz choked Davis to an unconscious state with a guillotine choke submission.

Recently, Diaz has also lost to Dong Hyun KIM in UFC 125 on the 1st January 2011, and went on to lose to Rory MacDonald in April of the same year at the UFC 129. He also lost to Benson Henderson at the UFC on Fox 5 for the UFC lightweight Championship in December 2012; to Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC on Fox 13 in 2013; a loss to Josh Thompson in a one-sided match on 20th April 2013; and also lost a rematch with McGregor in 2016.

Beside the lose listed above, Diaz’s number of wins have continued to increased tremendously including a win in a with former PRIDE Lightweight ChampionTakanori Gomi in 2011; and a win over Donald Cerrone at UFC 14. He also won a fight over fellow jiu-jitsu black belt holder, Jim Miller in 2012 destroying Miller’s MMA invincible career in the process. He has also won many other highly-rated fights.

Awards and Honours

Nate Diaz is undoubtedly a good fighter with resilience and skills that are uncommon the rings. And, the rewards for his visions and hard works can be seen in the number of wins, awards and honours that have greeted his career. Check these out below:
In the Ultimate Fighting Championship,

  • Diaz has won The Ultimate Fighter 5 Lightweight Tournament for the year 2007.
  • Won the fight of the night eight different times in the UFC.
  • He has also won the Submission of the Night five times.
  • Knockout of the night in 2010 against Gray Maynard.
  • He also won the Performance of the Night in an upset win against Conor McGregor in 2016.

He has also won the fight of the month for March and August 2016 in He’s also won the feud of the year for his match against Conor McGregor from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Nate and Nick Diaz
Nate and Nick Diaz

Social Media

Nate Diaz is a huge fan of the social media and has his verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and is one of the most vocal UFC fighters on Snapchat. Nate Diaz’s Snapchat’s id is @natediaz209 and he’s a good choice to follow on the Snapchat page. On the Facebook, he’s @nathandiaz209 and runs with the same id on Twitter.

In a recent post, Nate Diaz shares a controversial cannabis picture on his Snapchat page bringing his fans the fears that he might be headed for the axe soon.

What is Nate Diaz’s Snapchat Name?

Nate Diaz’s snapchat username is natediaz209.

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