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Snapchat is recently infiltrating every sphere of human lives. On second thought, people from different background, group and professional affiliations are presently infiltrating the growing social media platform, Snapchat.
For NBA stars and players generally, Snapchat is becoming a new platform where the players post hilarious videos and shots. Of course, many of them have got themselves into troubles through their posts on the platform. D’Angelo Russell’s experience is a good example.
D’Angelo Russell was believed to have recorded Nick Young while he was telling him his escapades with women. Unfortunately, Nick Young was having a close date at the altar at the time. The rift generated was said to have contributed Lakers’ poor performance in 2016.
As at February 2016, there are 29 of the 30 NBA teams on Snapchat. The last team still not officially represented is Orlando Magic. Even the NBL has an official Snapchat page. You can follow the happenings in NBA by adding @nba on Snapchat.
Although many of the NBA players may have joined Snapchat a bit late, considering the waves the app has been making of recent, you can be sure that huge numbers of them are already hooked on the app.

Many of the players use Snapchats to showcase behind the scene experiences and highlights and many times, their personal lives. The creative photos and stories are producing growing discourse and becoming talk-points on Snapchat.
From selfie, stories and Snaps on relaxation, catching up with family, strolling with pets and making their meals, the players are flooding Snapchat with a load of moves outside of the courts.

DeAndre Jordan
Richard Jefferson is on Snapchat @rjeff24. Sometimes ago, he documented a postseason run and gave his followers a good view into his team’s locker room. Jefferson is becoming very popular on Snapchat.
Hassan Whiteside can be found @youngwhiteside. You can see his post on having his lifetime red velvet here.
There are hundreds of such posts about NBA starts. Just get on and add a couple of them and you can start enjoying behind the screen touches of your favourite NBA stars.