Peter, a famous and an award-winning photographer, considers himself lucky to have picked up a camera. His exceptional photographic skills have clearly set him apart, away from the crowd.
Peter Hurley is married with two girls.

His career in photography started by coincidence, he invited for a modelling job while he was busy with something entirely different. Hurley was training as a member of the full-time U.S Olympic Sailing Team in 1995 when he had an encounter with destiny. The job was to be used by A&F and Polo for their summer ad campaign.
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The photographic session managed by Bruce Weber caught the attention of Hurley like nothing else has done and, according to him, “the trajectory” of his life changed ever then. He found himself transforming from a professional, Olympic Sailor to becoming a model for magazines and businesses. Along the line, he was encouraged by Bruce to go into photography and, a legend was born.

Although his modelling career didn’t last that long, it handed him a career that he considers fascinating, exciting and, one which has been hugely successful by many standards. Today, Hurley is clearly one of the most famous photographers across the globe.

Peter Hurley As A Photographer

Peter Hurley career as a photographer started like any other; except that he has a rich dose of passion attached to his. For the first couple of years, Hurley keeps his passion alive by taking any job that crossed his part snapping anything at all that can reflect in his lenses.


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But all that changed and his commercial photography career was birthed with a shooting job with Reebok. He had his first commercial job shooting sneakers in a promotion for Reebok. Later, he found himself having a throng of actors coming in for headshots. Hurley went further to be a part of the creative team for Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

Since then, Hurley professional career as a photographer has continued to soar. He later landed a contract with Vilcek Foundation to shoot select images on the famous season movie, LOST. The images became a huge source of attraction at the New York City’s exhibition where Vilcek Foundation celebrated LOST.

Some of his famous clients are Levi’s, Johnnie Walker, Axe Deodorant, Reebok, DKNY and many others. In 2016, Hurley won the best headshot photographer in New York in a competition organised by Backstage Magazine.


Photography Works and Training

Peter Hurley’s long and prosperous journey into training and tutorials on Photography started with an offer by Fstoppers’ Lee Moris and Patrick Hall to do an interview on photography. Before then, he’s been largely secretive about how he operates and achieves his landslide reputation in photography.

Hurley collaborative work, The Art Behind the Headshot remains one of his most popular tutorials and one of the most successful video tutorial on photography around today. He also has a work titled, It’s All About the Jaw which gives insights into his favorite photographic tips and has been watched for almost 3 million times on the internet.

The works have also opened doors for Hurley and he’s been invited all over the world to give lectures and training on how to achieve great photographic works. The rush for his trainings and teachings has shown that people are highly obsessed with how they look in fronts of cameras. It also confirms that organizations are becoming more sensitive to how the pictures used in their campaigns look.


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Since his first high-profile talk at Google during Google+ Photographer’s Conference in San Francisco, Hurley has also spoken at different places like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, GoDaddy, Alergan, and Canon among many others.

Later, he co-founded PsyPhotology with Dr Anna Rowley who he met at a function in Microsoft. PsyPhotology is all about unravelling the impacts a camera exacts on the people taking shots. The work landed them a TEDx talk titled, Bridging the Self-Acceptance Gap at Manchestutter Institute of Technology, MIT.

In his biography, Hurley explained that he is not just interested in producing great pictures, he’s also concerned about letting them have “understanding about their appearance that they haven’t” had before. Hurley later founded Headshot Crew currently having over 10,000 photographers on the list. The outfit has produced elite headshot photographers redefining the language of photography around the world.
This group of specialist headshot artistes is known as the Headshot Crew Associate Photographers.

Besides, Hurley also founded a photography photo gear outfit, HURLEYPRO. The work helped him to explore the conception and creation of creative photographic ideas with his equipment.

Eventually, Peter Hurley became a world-class author when his book, The Headshot: The Secrets of Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits hit #1 in the photography books section on Amazon.


Social Media and Snapchat

Like other creative celebrities like him, Peter Hurley’s presence on the social media is conspicuous. He has a very active Facebook page with close to 63,000 followers. His Twitter and YouTube handles are @peter_hurley. While there are over 29,000 fans on his Twitter page, his videos on YouTbe have been downloaded millions of time all across the world.


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It isn’t likely that you will miss Peter Hurley’s Snapchat page either. He is very open about it and continually invites people to get onboard and get to feel his creativities. Peter Hurley’s Snapchat id is @peter_hurley, just like many of his other works.

One unique thing about Peter Hurley’s Snapchat and other social media pages is that you can trust to have it constantly updated and relevant posts on his works get online frequently.

One huge advantage of following Peter Hurley’s Snapchat is the continuous and professional treats you will get on photography. Though a good percentage of his followers are professional photographers, you don’t have to be one to enjoy the many training, creativity and tips from his social media pages.

If you care about beautiful shots and, making the best of your special moments, it’s time to follow Peter Hurley’s Snapchat.

What is Peter Hurley’s Snapchat Name?

Peter Hurley’ snapchat username is peter_hurley.


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