Rihanna Snapchat

Rihanna Snapchat

When you consider a 28 artiste boasting of an array of awards amongst which 8 (almighty) Grammy Awards, 8 American Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, winner of the first American Music Awards (2013), 2 BRIT Awards are just a fraction, you know you have an uncommon music prodigy on your hands. Rihanna is a story of success driven on the wheels of talents and strategies.

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Biography Of Rihanna

Robyn Rihanna Fenty started her hugely successful career in music, as a singer and a songwriter, very early in life. Born to a family of three on February 20, 1988 on the Caribbean Island of Barbados, Rihanna had a tough childhood. She grew up in a dysfunctional home, as the eldest child, that eventually broke up 14 years after her birth. She is believed to have developed a strong passion for music years before she clocked 10 and has been doing good music with her friends before she came to limelight after getting signed-up by Def Jam with the help of Evans Rogers. That was at the age of 16! Although, she’d already recorded demo tapes under Rogers before joining Def Jam, her magical career rose formally at Def Jam.



After a hugely successful single, Pon de Replay, she followed up with her first breakthrough album, Music of the Sun in 2015. Since then, her career never shows a sign of slowing down.

That music, Music of the Sun, became a huge success selling over 2 million copies, a sterling record for a first album. But the success wasn’t really a surprise to those who knew her before. She has convincingly demonstrated exceptional skills, talent, strength and unusual music prowess to convince people who have come across her. According to Rogers, Rihanna made her co-singers and friends looked invisible beside her when he met them back at Barbados and he had no troubles taking her on board. Rihanna had no troubles getting adjudged as a music goddess long before coming to limelight.

After a couple of breakthrough records, Rihanna went ahead in 2007 to take control of her studio album, Good Girl Gone bad and takes on the brand of a sex symbol. That was deliberate, a strategy designed to use other media besides music to get her fans stuck with her brand. To properly align this new role with her brand and use it as a springboard on for her music career and other businesses, she worked on her music and brand image and eventually unleashed one of her most successful works, Umbrella a few months later. That earned her the first Grammy of her career. She followed it up with other successful works “SOS,” “Take a Bow,” “We Found Love,” “Diamonds” and “unapologetic” with all of them becoming leading hits across the music world.


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Social Media

One thing that Rihanna has largely used during this time to promote her businesses, songs and fraternise with her teeming fans is the social media. With her massive presence across social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others, she’s considered in the media parlance as a social media idol!

Rihanna Snapchat name (Username) is @rihsnapchat.

And, needless to say, she’s one of the celebrities to have maximised the opportunities from there.

Like her other social media platforms, Rihanna Snapchat’s name is easy to relate with and was clinically linked to her celebrity identity and brand. Expectedly, Rihanna’s Snapchat – together with other social media – has been used to heavily promote her brand, her sex symbol role, her music, films and many branded products she’s producing like very few celebrities have done.


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According to a recent post on capitalxtra.com, Rihanna has literarily conquered Instagram and she is presently a leading figure on Snapchat. She is said to have taken over Snapchat. Today, Rihanna Snapchat username is turning into a household name. It could be assumed that she’s presently taking control of Snapchat’s platform with her prolific posts, poses, brands and several mind-boggling moves on Rihanna Snapshot page, @rihsnapchat.

One thing that has worked for her on the social media, including Rihanna Snapchat page, is the ease with which she relates her fans. She blends personal, sexy and eye-catching social posts with her business adverts. The result is seamless and incredible.

Rihanna’s Snapchat will take you behind the scenes, treat you to an exhilarating experience of the strategies behind her thrilling successes and will even show you a couple of her perfect physical figures and the secrets of her beauty. On Rihanna’s Snapchat, you are with her all the way, never a dull moment. As a tip of the iceberg, you have the privilege of being right there with her oh all her shows through same platform. With all of these, ignoring her presence on Snapchat isn’t going to be an easy task.

But what would you expect from such a dynamic, die-hard musician and public idol? For a child with a troubled childhood, turning to her passion as an escape from pain is understandable. But using same to becoming one of the most popular and celebrated young celebrities isn’t an easy feat. Rihanna has given the use of Snapchat and similar platforms a new depth.

Today, Rihanna’s successes could be attributed to exceptional talents but that social media like Rihanna’s Snapchat have contributed in no small amount to placing her far ahead of her mates is unambiguous. Rihanna’s Snapchat’s and other social media platforms’ success stories are quite instructive. It is a model for, not only artistes but, all celebrities planning to promote their brands, images and products beyond the traditional spheres. She has already set a clear standard that anyone can emulate. Rihanna’s Snapchat could be used as a model to promote celebrities and brands and is a reflection of her classic social media campaigns success over the year.

RIhanna in the Madame Tussauds Hollywood wax museum


Finally, attempting to list all the Awards Rihanna has received and her many recognitions across countless podia is a doubting task. But what is certain is that she’s one of the most celebrated celebrities today. From reputable organisations like Forbes to powerful politicians and many states and nations, Rihanna has been recognised over and over again as an exceptional talent. And, to crown it all, it doesn’t look like she’s close to the end of her exploits. At 28 and, with her endearing moves on social media like Rihanna’s Snapchat, Rihanna is till million of miles away from being done.

Singer RIHANNA the show, during the Rock in Rio

What is Rihanna’s Snapchat?

Rihanna’s snapchat username is rihsnapchat.


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