Sarah Silverman Snapchat

Sara Silverman Snapchat

Sarah Kate Silverman is an extremely talented celebrity and a two-time Emmy Award winner. Sarah Silverman is a versatile actress, a writer, a comedian, an author, a creator and an executive producer.

The American stand-up comedian was born in Bedford, New Hampshire on December 1, 1970. Silverman’s comedy works often address issues ranging from social taboos, sexism, religion and racism. As sensitive as these issues are, Silverman has been known to carefully use her comic character in a sarcastic fashion to navigate through and pass across her messages brilliantly.

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Silverman mother, Beth Ann, died in 2015 and her father is Donald Silverman. While the mother was a photographer and worked as the personal campaign photographer with George McGovern, her father was trained as a social worker and ran a clothing store.

Silverman had four other siblings, and she happens to be the youngest. The other four are: RabbiSusan Silverman; Jodyne Silverman, who is a screenwriter and the author of the book, Dump ‘Em: How To Break Up With Anyone From Your Best Friend to Your Hairdresser; Laura Silverman is into acting, and the only male, Jeffrey Michael died at three months.

Silverman had her first stand-up comedy performance at 17 in Boston and believed it turned out terribly. But she overcame that initial shock to not only turning out brilliantly but also had two Emmy Awards in her kit. She attended and graduated from The Derryfield School in Manchester. New Hampshire but later dropped out of New York University after only a year. Her favourite movie is The One and Only, 1978.

Silverman had a relationship with Jimmy Kimmel in 2002 before they separated and she dated Kyle Dunnigan between 2011 and 2013. In between the two relationships, she had also dated Alec Sulkin in 2010. Her most recent relationship is with Michael Sheen since 2014. As a proof of her growing popularity, Maxim magazine’s 2007 Hot 100 list ranked her as no 29 while the 2002 edition placed her on no 74.


Sarah Silverman has continued to cement her place in the movie industry, writing and, generally, as a stand-up comedian.

Though Silverman has been involved in a couple of works earlier, her career in stand-up comedy dated back to 1992. She was a writer and a featured player in the 1993-94 season of Saturday Night Live. She was there for 18 weeks before she was laid-off because she couldn’t blend into her roles.

Later, Bob Odenkirk attributed her inability to blend in at Saturday Night Live to the fact that she’s also developed a unique character and as voice as Silverman. On her part, Silverman said being fired hurt her for a whole year but has helped in developing resilience and strength in her career.

Sara Silverman

Later on, in her peculiar manner, she parodied her experience at SNL in a 1996 role on The Larry Sanders Show.
Silverman also starred in the HBO sketch comedy series, Mr. Show. She also had the leading role in the 1997’s independent film Who’s the Caboose? The work, directed by Sam Seder was followed by the television series, Pilot Season. Again, she acted the same character while Sam Seder was the director.

Other films she’s been involved in, where she played diverse roles ranging from comic, serious and everyday roles are School of Rock, The Way of the Gun, Evolution, School for Scoundrels, There’s Something About Mary, Say It Isn’t So, Overnight Delivery, Screwed, Heartbreakers, and Rent.

In 2005, she released a Liam Lynch’s directed concert film, Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic. The film received 64 percent positive ratings on the film critics aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. It went on to rake in about 1.3 million dollars at the box office.

All these happened at the beginning of her career till mid-2000s. Other works she did within this period were Lullabies to Paralyze where she played a therapist. She also starred in Death to All But Metal and, Chappelle’s Show.
During this period, she also made appearances on TV programmes like Star Trek: Voyager (1996); the episode “The Money” of Seinfeld (1997); V.I.P. (2002); the puppet TV comedy Crank Yankers (2003 & 2007) and so on.

Eventually, Silverman made her debut appearance as a stand-up comedian on the Late show with Letterman in 2007 while her relatively successful TV sitcom; The Sarah Silverman Program  started in February 2007. The sitcom has featured a number of popular artistes and comedians and is designed to stage-show Silverman, her sister Laura and friends.

Though the programme attracted considerable attention, with close to 2 million viewers and had Silverman nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award but the host, Comedy Central stopped the series after the third seasons.

She has hosted a number of Awards events including the 2007’s MTV Movie Awards; MTV Video Music Awards in the same year.

Her more recent works are Take This Waltz which was written and directed by Sarah Polley and premiered in Toronto in 2011. She also lent her voice to the Jewish Council for Education & Research’s financed advocacy condemning new voters’ laws that bridge segregation and deprive a section of the population from voting during the election.

Sarah Silverman also starred as one of the main characters in the 2012 animated movie, Wreck-It Ralph and was also a part of the team behind JASH, a YouTube comedy channel. In 2014, she played a prostitute, Ruth, in the comedy movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Lastly, Silverman has also been very active in politics. Though she supported and promoted Sanders at the last presidential elections in the states, she later threw her supports behind Hillary after Sanders lost the ticket to her. She’s however a strong critics of President Donald Trump and has had to agree she crossed the line ones in her critical views of the president.

Awards and Nominations

Since the birth of her career, Silverman has been nominated for close to 20 different awards. From the many nominations, she has won two Primetime Emmy Award in 2008 for the Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics and in 2014 for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special.

She also won the Seymour Cassey Award for Outstanding Performance (screen acting) in 2015.

Snapchat and Social Media Engagement

Sarah Silverman is a popular brand on the social media. From Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube, among others, Silverman has been known to be fully engaged on the social media.

Silverman is used to controversies as she thrives on them. Sometimes, it seems she deliberately create them out of the blues. But she met with a huge backlash when she tweeted what was considered demeaning about Jesus’ gender on a Christmas.

Sarah Silverman's Tweet
Sarah Silverman’s Tweet

On Instagram, she uses the id @sarahkatesilverman and @sarahksilverman on Twitter with almost ten million followers. Her Facebook page also has over a million followers with the id, sarahsilverman.

On Snapchat, it a bit difficult to find Silverman’s pictures and stories on this creative social platform, though there are still a few. Her Snapchat’s Id is already largely missing on the internet. Understandably, Sarah Silverman isn’t yet on Snapchat.

But with her rich and versatile comic contents, Silverman will benefit a lot from owning a Sarah Silverman’s Snapchat page. Snapchat is the leading social platform to promote her comedy works.

Bu till then, we should keep the fingers cross.

What is Sarah Silverman’ Snapchat Name?

Sarah Silverman isn’t yet on Snapchat

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