Category: Snapchat Stars

Stars are keen to be constantly connected with their fans. Thanks to social networking sites as it has become easier for the stars to be connected constantly with their fans. It was Twitter that bloomed first as the largest celebrity platform where fans can find a large number of celebrities from every field from every corner of the world. But the problem with Twitter is the space. It still does not allow one to utter more than 140 characters. Pictures and Videos can be uploaded but not more than 2-3 MB size. So, stars move to Instagram for the pictures and videos. But since 2011, the picture has been changed when Snapchat arrived.
Snapchat is much easier than any other social networking sites. You just open the app and start posting. Stars find it easier to communicate with their fans. They keep posting their pictures and videos with messages and gain more views on their posts. Snapchat stars because this is the only app that starts making stories once the app is open. Stars get more popularity through snapchat stories. Though it does not have number of followers but it is the biggest platform to follow your favourite celebrities’ stories.