Incredible Travel Instagrams and Snapchats by Elia Locardi

Incredible Travel Instagrams and Snapchats by Elia Locardi

The travel snapchats and photography by Elia Locardi are most liked by the people and they are incredible. His photography and travel snapchats are most popular and in demand because Elia Locardi is an internationally praised professional travel photographer on snapchat, Fujifilm global ambassador, videographer, public speaker, writer, and highly expert educator who devotes his life shooting few of the most lovely locations in the globe.

With the travel snapchat of Elia Locardi – You can get an eventual behind the Scenes look at his 100% location independent lifestyle as his travel the world full time, looking for and capturing the most attractive destinations in the world. Elia Locardi is one of the prominent travel photographer on snapchat.

His photography uses an amalgamation of traditional in-camera methods, targeted times of day, and innovative post-processing approaches, Elia Locardi has developed an extensively recognized and extremely unique style of photography that has developed well known all around the world. Using each photograph, the goal is to share his vision so others can understand the world as he does, filled of color, touch, beauty, depth and sentiment. Many of these photos have been used in few of the most extensively circulated publications in the including national geographic in the world.

Incredible Travel Instagrams and Snapchats by Elia Locardi

The photography is aimed to produce stunning photos as Elia Locardi regularly join forces with foremost companies, countries, brands, and tourism departments all over the world to yield attractive photos and videos and also appealing online content. Being a brand ambassador and partner for foremost brands, Elia Locardi comprehends how to prudently craft and target content with numerous different audiences in viewpoint. Irrespective of the scope or scale, each project can be custom personalized to suit the specific needs of photography and purposes of the client.

His photography is such that the photographing the world not only discoveries the in-field techniques but it also make use of capturing each location and teaching careful workflow from the early RAW processing to the last image sharpening and every steps in between. For the user who is beginner or intermediate photographer on snapchat, Elia Locardi prudently explains the steps taken in capturing each photograph in the landscape. With every new location, the basics of landscape photography are inspected as Elia Locardi works on each image out loud.

Elia Locardi initially was only one week into using travel snapchat and he already saw the marvellous potential with the platform. The travel snapchat was found at the right time and was by him and was excited to challenge him to make fun content and incredible photography every day.

Unlike for everyone, the photography and travel snapchats are worked on in an incredible way as Elia Locardi spend his life on the road traveling to around 20 to 25 countries per year. For him, this is going to be a pronounced way for people to track along and link with him in real time for photography.

The photography are the most unique piece as Elia Locardi is a brilliant photographer who travels the world realising and photographing some of the most spectacular landscapes. Most of the photography lovers have followed him on social media where he posts some technically vivid photographs from around the globe. The shooting style of photography is unique and post-processing makes his images a pictorial treat. Most people have realized that the photography look natural and discerning instead of having that HDR effects that a lot many of other landscape photos have on the internet. Many people also found the photography to be incredibly perceptive and helpful, always on the trot you through his system and what his purpose of the shoot is.

Incredible Travel Instagrams and Snapchats by Elia Locardi

Actually the travel snapchat are a form of disposable content that disappears after 24 hours, so initially Elia Locardi was very against the concept of travel snapchat. Existing as a photographer that also yields quite a bit of video content, the concept of shooting vertical video was additional idea that was originally difficult to wrap his head around, so he was not primarily a fan of the format for live streaming or travel snapchat.

As it is difficult to support live streaming everywhere he travel to, using travel snapchat, the photography are shoot and small clips of video gets uploaded that express a story throughout the day as he worked either on location or simply hanging out anywhere cool. Using the travel snapchat, even with a slow mobile or internet connection, it can still be possible to upload the video content as it is both low quality and plugged at 10 seconds. For instance, even in Bhutan, he had made it possible to upload clips on 2 bars of e mobile internet. With this, it may take some minutes to upload but that is yet awesome.

Travel snapchat have always log the order of the photography clips and spread them out effortlessly over the 24 hour life cycle, also if it is uploaded hours later. The photography by him and disposable content is much fun as while you can download your stories to the mobile device whenever you want. The travel snapchat keeps the photography lovers focused on the daily stories, the instants between, or simply just the small things we encounter throughout in the photography.



The photography by Elia Locardi is the astonishing attention to detail, either when capturing photographs of a new location or most newly when shooting with smugmug films and assertive the limits in trying to capture that diverse angle or photo.

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Elia Locardi’s snapchat username is elialocardi.


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