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Yoyo Cao

Yoyo CAO also known as Yoyo Kulala, is a Singapore-based fashion icon, blogger, model and a social media influencer. She’s the owner and Designer at Exhibitstore, a foremost fashion online store in Singapore.

Yoyo Cao on Snapchat

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Today, Yoyo Cao is Singapore’s most popular fashion icon and one of the most popular social media powerhouses in the country.

According to her, she believes knowing the reigning fashion trends are paramount but she says that shouldn’t destroy one’s personal fashion views. Her unique fashion ideologies have driven women and fashion enthusiasts across the world to her and her brand. As seen on many of her posts on Yoyo Cao’s Snapchat, her fashion views are a blend of Western-Asian beauty.

More surprising about her success in the fashion industry is that she’s a self-made fashion designer. Though she started her fashion exploits at the University, she has no formal training in the fashion.

Yoyo Cao Snapchat name

Some of Yoyo Cao’s fashion projects, Citizen Couture.

The young model and fashion guru started her women-wears fashion label, Exhibit, back at the University in 2010. Though not as a professional designer, she managed to feed her fashion alongside her rigorous academics demands. Eventfully, she was able to build a strong niche for herself in the industry through her mix of unique, simple and elegance fashion sense.

Yoyo Cao Snapchat


As a fashion designer and a model, she has won two “Golden Peacock” awards from The Cut, a New York based Fashion and Style Magazine. She was mentioned also in Harper’s Bazaar’s list of “ones to watch in 2016” and has been in a couple of fashion and modelling works deals with them. She boasts of several international honours and recognitions in her kits for her quality fashion campaigns and designs.

This year, 2016, she featured on the cover page of Elle Singapore wish made her the first new media star to be featured at the front of a major fashion magazine in Singapore. Her all time favourite artistes are Aliyah and Michael Jackson.

On her official site for Exhibit, the fashion label she created to bridge the fashions gaps for Singapore’s based shoppers by bringing all fashion labels from across Asia to Singapore, many of her works are celebrated and shared across social media platforms including Snapchat.

Yoyo Cao's Snapchat Name

To Cao’s joy, after many years of driving fashion’s perspectives in Singapore, Exhibit showcased its first run way collection at Singapore Fashion Week in 2014. That was immediately and successfully followed by the second in 2015.
Needless to say, they were the deal that announced her as a global brand in fashion designing and modelling.

Emergence on the Social Media

Though she’s been on the social media for long, her voyage to using the channels for commercial purposes dated back to 2010 when she tried her hands on a couple of designs on Instagram. The response was massive, by her standard, receiving 100s of likes and commendations in return. That spurred her and kick-started her use of social media fashion displays and campaigns.

Later, after discovering the quality and elegance of Snapchat, she started using Snapchat for brand promotions and communications. A move she said was necessitated by the uniqueness of Snapchat. Her numerous social media displays have so far endeared her to many people including the big names in the fashion industry.

Yoyo Caos Snapchat

Today, on Snapchat and Instagram, she is being followed and monitored by high-brow fashion outfits like Gucci, Chaumet, Channel, Bulgari, Tommy Hilfiger and a host of others. To boost her views on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travels, she launched YoyoKulala.com in May 2016, a site that became an instant hit.

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Besides, relaying her views on numerous fashion issues, the website also gives room for shopping and promotes her contributions to fashion brands and inventions. The site is currently being followed by close to 200,000 internet users.

Today, she’s so popular on the social media that she averages 7000 likes per post on her Instagram and Snapchat pages.

Most of the works displayed on Yoyo Cao’s Snapchat are driven at encouraging women, especially in Singapore, to wear simple but bold dresses. And, that’s not just shown on @yayakukula her Snapchat’s page, it is also shown in her corporate and personal wears and brand.


Her story is a story of daring passion and success. Especially, considering that she majored in business from the University, successfully combining her social media influence with her passion for creating bold fashion statements being celebrated across the world.

She literarily relies on the massive number of likes from her social media followers including those on Yoyo Cao’s Snapchat to communicate her fashion ideas, drive a huge traffic to her products and eventually birth a successful global fashion brand.

Yoyo Cao Snapchat username

Answering questions from fashion writers recently, she explained what really thrilled her on Snapchat and made her join the trending platform. In her words, “I like Snapchat a lot because it reflects the real me. You can see me being silly, as well as check out my doodles.

And, indeed, Yoyo Cao is unique in her sense of fashion and humour. The bold fashion statements and humour in the pictures below, on Yoyo Cao Snapchat should confirm this reality.

Eelier in the year, she delved into cosmetics, coming up with AxJ BEAUTY which she said will also help to promote her beauty views among women in Singapore. And, in extension, she will be able to use it to reach the rest of the world.

Conclusively, Yoyo Cao has strongly affected and transformed Singaporeans’ views on fashion, beauty and style through her creative and massive social media presence.

In a recent interview, published on Vogue, she clearly highlighted this point when she said Singaporeans are, “very much influenced by American culture, but because of our multicultural society and the fact that we’re exposed more and more to media from the East, it’s become a mix. I think more and more Singaporeans are starting to take fashion quite seriously. It is not just tank tops and flip-flops anymore. For an industry as small as Singapore’s, that’s a good sign.”

So one important take off from Cao’s fashion-social media exploits is that, against popular views, she has shown us that it is possible to mix pleasure, passion and business together and still manage to attract fame and success.

What is Yoyo Cao’s Snapchat?

Yoyo Cao’s snapchat username is yoyokulala.

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